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Thomas Development Company

Thomas Development Company offers comprehensive real estate investment, development and construction services. Additionally, they specialize in affordable housing projects. Furthermore, Tioga Construction possesses considerable expertise in commercial office industrial bio-tech projects.

Teamwork, client compatibility, market knowledge and productivity are hallmarks of excellence for this business. Their team members strive to exceed all expectations on every project undertaken.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education theories all appear to share one common goal: supporting healthy child development. Their methods may differ for accomplishing this objective.

Evidence across disciplines indicates that conditions a child experiences in his or her early years can have long-lasting impacts throughout his or her life. Relative to other developed nations, the United States ranks poorly on indicators of early life wellbeing.

Some programs, such as WIC and home visiting with nurse practitioners, may help children live healthier early lives through encouraging nutritious eating and physical activity. Other initiatives, like high-quality center-based early learning and care centers, can have more direct impacts by linking children with needed medical or social services.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was an outstanding research scholar with remarkable teaching ability; Johns Hopkins awarded him an honorary doctorate for his groundbreaking work in hemorrhagic shock treatment and first series of tetralogy operations, helping save many lives during World War II.

Madeline began her career at Thomas Development as an Administrative Assistant. Over time she has become involved in all aspects of affordable housing projects ranging from research on funding options for low-income housing tax credit financing, creating financial pro formas and closing coordination to working directly with property management companies to ensure compliance and performance for properties under her care.

Thomas Development’s team focuses on client compatibility, local market expertise and productivity to make each project a success. They pride themselves in working with teams who share a commitment to excellence.

Personal Life

Madeline began working at Thomas Development Company as an Administrative Assistant in 2015 and quickly learned all aspects of affordable housing and commercial real estate investments. She currently oversees all Asset Management duties and works closely with residential property management companies for Thomas Development’s tax credit portfolio, to ensure efficient operation of each of their properties. As part of her responsibilities with Thomas Development Company, she assists in the preparation and submission of applications for low income housing tax credits and various financing sources. Prior to joining Thomas Development Company, she served as legal secretary in Boise, Idaho law firms. She has attended extensive Fair Housing and Tax Credit training; holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boise State University; and sits on various community boards and committees.

Net Worth

Net worth, in financial parlance, measures an individual’s wealth by deducting his/her total assets minus liabilities. Assets could include retirement funds, investment holdings or home equity; liabilities include loans, mortgages, credit card balances or accounts payables.

Many people rely on income as the sole indicator of wealth; however, it’s equally important to take a more accurate measure: net worth. Net worth measures how much wealth an individual actually possesses by adding up all assets minus debt owed. Even someone earning a high salary could have a low net worth if carrying debt is an issue; net worth provides much more accurate measurement of one’s real level of wealth than just income alone.

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