Thomas Emery

Thomas Emery

Thomas Emery was an integral figure in Cincinnati history. Renowned as a philanthropist, he contributed generously to multiple cultural and educational institutions within Cincinnati.

His research focused on algebraic topology and number theory. He studied questions related to Hilbert modular varieties and cohomology operations.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Emery was born into an esteemed and prosperous family. His grandfather settled in Cincinnati during the 1830s, founding Emery Oleochemicals; today, it remains one of Cincinnati’s leading businesses with vast real estate holdings throughout Cincinnati.

Tom Emery joined the Boy Scouts as a teenager and quickly earned the rank of Eagle Scout. His artistic talent was noticed by his scout leader who arranged for him to attend art classes several hundred miles away in Canton, Ohio. Tom went on to complete his master’s degree program at Cleveland Institute of Art.

After joining the military during World War II and traveling throughout the Pacific Ocean extensively as a paratrooper, he would use his Boy Scout skills of making sketches and sand models from memory of each landscape.

Professional Career

Thomas Emery began his journey by finding that the excess pig fat discarded from Cincinnati’s meat industry could be recycled into candles and lamp oil, leading him to establish Emery Oleochemicals which has grown into one of the dominant players in chemical industry.

Emery was also a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Starting as a research associate between 1955-56, he quickly rose through the ranks at Berkeley – being appointed assistant professor in 1956 and full professor by 1963.

He published multiple books and papers on topology. His contributions extended to characteristic classes, fiber bundles and the structure of classifying spaces. He actively encouraged his family and friends to pursue their dreams citing creativity, preparation, tenacity and humility as keys for success.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Emery is an accomplished artist known for writing instructional art manuals and teaching on “TV Classroom.” His works were also showcased internationally – particularly his sculpture, stained glass windows and wood carvings which have become museum staples or private collection items. Thomas also generously donates to hospitals and colleges around Cincinnati as well as giving back through charities such as YMCA membership and donations to Zoo collections in Cincinnati.

He has received many honors and awards for his efforts, most notably being honored with the Hutchinson Fellowship given out annually for outstanding teaching assistants, as well as winning the Clyde A. Duniway Book Prize and being selected as an Alumnus of Cincinnati with two additional honors – University Distinguished Alumnus Award and Anne Macintyre Litchfield Prize given out each year to women graduating with history major degrees.

Personal Life

Emery spent years as a Scout before taking over leadership of Scout troops in San Diego. He made it his goal to teach children survival skills they could use even after his death, keeping his promise.

His initial business venture failed, but he found success after realizing that leftover lard from Chicago’s meatpacking industry could be used to produce candles and lamp oil – Emery Oleochemicals is now an influential industrial player.

Thomas Emery founded Cincinnati Country Day School and became a founding member of the political Charter Party. 1275 MyHeritage DNA test takers who descend from him have tested. Find your roots today by sharing your family story!

Net Worth

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