Thomas Eoannou

Thomas Eoannou, Attorney for the Woman Alleging Patrick Kane Sexually Assaulted Her, Withdrew From the Case

Thomas Eoannou, an attorney representing the woman alleging Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane sexually assaulted her, decided to withdraw from her case on Thursday due to concerns of tampering with evidence when her rape kit turned up on her mother’s doorstep.

The bag had been torn open.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Eoannou, an esteemed attorney from Buffalo, New York who specializes in criminal defense, personal injury law and real estate. He has written multiple books such as Mafioso: Joseph J. DiCarlo: Buffalo’s First Family of Crime.

Wednesday marked a notable turning point in this case when Eoannou staged a news conference at his law office to display evidence bag that once contained Kane’s rape kit but now seemed to have miraculously appeared on Kane’s accuser’s mother’s porch.

Personal Life

Thomas Eoannou is an attorney from Buffalo, New York who assists clients in Criminal Defense matters. He received legal training at University at Buffalo Law School – SUNY and practices law through Thomas J. Eoannou PLLC.

Eoannou held a news conference earlier this week to present evidence against Kane that her accuser found on her mother’s doorstep and prove its authenticity, asserting there have been misrepresentations regarding its discovery.

He called on the FBI to investigate how and where the evidence bag was sent from police custody to her mother’s house, including any potential incentives to modify or falsify evidence against Kane. Furthermore, he believes Kane to be innocent.

Net Worth

Thomas Eoannou currently boasts an estimated net worth of $200,000. As a prominent attorney with an established law firm in Buffalo, New York specializing in Criminal Defense work. After receiving legal training at University at Buffalo Law School – SUNY and becoming licensed to practice in New York in 1983, Eoannou quickly made himself known among juries due to his charismatic approach and excellent juror rapport skills. Cambria used to spend Fourth of July weekends together – two families used to spend Fourth of July weekend festivities together as friends!

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