Thomas Espinosa

Espinosa was also involved in another cannabis deal that failed in 2016: recruiting a grower to occupy warehouse space he controlled in north Sacramento while promising them that he would secure state and local permits for them. Unfortunately, neither agreement could survive.

However, this time the whistleblower came from within city staff; since then PEC investigators have identified over 47 alleged violations of Oakland’s Government Ethics Act by Espinosa.

Early Life and Education

Linda Espinosa is Professor Emeritus of Early Childhood Education at University of Missouri and former Co-Director of National Institute for Early Education Research. She has conducted extensive research on school performance patterns of children from low-income families – especially dual language learners – within schools.

Espinosa may have colluded with MacIntyre during the city’s corruption investigation, yet we won’t know for sure until an eviction and counter-eviction trial occurs sometime later next year; juries will then determine how many victims there are until these lawsuits go to trial in 2017. Furthermore, until these eviction lawsuits have been settled it won’t be known what extent Espinosa built his cannabis real estate empire; allegations suggest shady deals that Espinosa made could present serious challenges for the city itself.

Professional Career

Tomas Espinosa is best known for his acting and directing talents; however, in addition to writing for numerous shows such as X-Files and Broadway production of The Book of Mormon.

He has directed multiple movies, such as 2012’s Safe House and 2017’s Child 44 (both critically-panned) with Skydance Productions. Most recently, he is set to direct Life for Skydance Entertainment.

Project shoot-start is scheduled for this autumn; CAA and Management Company represent him.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Espinosa is an acclaimed and award-winning author of children’s books. His works have garnered him various honors, such as the Pura Belpre Honor Award. Additionally, Thomas Espinosa’s works explore storytelling’s power through paintings that explore narrative.

Espinosa was disciplined by his supervisors for mixing personal business with official city duties and misusing resources provided to him, such as printing emails related to travel arrangements, hotel reservations and personal property purchases. Furthermore, Espinosa ran up hundreds of dollars on his city-issued cellphone bill through using it for personal calls.

The Express reported that investors of ZhongJian wanted Espinosa to bribe various city officials and PG&E employees to expedite the project faster, but Greenquist told The Express a jury won’t decide whether Espinosa colluded with MacIntyre until after trial is heard, possibly next year.

Personal Life

Thomas Espinosa is a man of many passions. His artistic works have been featured in major galleries and museums, while he remains active socially through La Red Comunitaria Trans.

He was an avid supporter of the Mets baseball team and even made an appearance during their 1971 doubleheader game!

Espinosa used his City building inspector position to make unwitting “quid pro quo” deals with property owners, according to an investigation by the Public Ethics Commission. He would assign himself or associates to inspect a property before convincing its owner to pay him cash in exchange for passing inspections or permits – all without notifying his supervisors of these conflicts of interests.

Net Worth

Matthew Espinosa is a popular social media influencer who first gained notoriety on Vine, which recently shut down. Now, his presence can be found across TikTok and YouTube as well as Instagram and Twitter – with huge audiences on all three.

Real estate and court records show that by 2016, Espinosa owned over half a million square feet of cannabis warehouse space between Oakland and Sacramento. Unfortunately, his grandiose plans of making millions quickly came tumbling down when Chinese investors filed suit alleging he defrauded them of funds.

Now bankrupt, his only property includes his car and $50 worth of clothing. He blames his troubles on City Hall department that forced him out; one known for corruption and gross mismanagement that also accused him of contributing to crimes – an accusation which he insists he’s being blamed for.

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