Thomas Farnsworth

Thomas Farnsworth Passes Away After 16 Years On The Board Of Supervisors

Thomas Farnsworth was an exceptional husband, father, grandfather and friend. An enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed hunting, fishing, lumberjacking, snorkeling and kayaking as well as theater productions, reading history books and playing board games; Thomas was loved by all.

He was one of the founding members of OCEDC and served as Archer representative for over 16 years, in addition to board membership on Memphis Zoo and Church Health Center boards.

Early Life and Education

Tommy Farnsworth of Archer has had 16 years on the O’Brien County Board of Supervisors come to an end this year, and has slowly adjusted to not having to drive every Tuesday morning from Archer to Primghar for meetings.

Farnsworth excelled in both physics and chemistry at Rigby High School and Brigham Young University before his father died suddenly in 1924, forcing him to drop out to support the family financially. While working on creating an invention for transporting images over electric wires – but needed additional funding in order to realize his plans – Farnsworth began designing his invention with dreams of making money off it!

He asked his sweetheart, Elma “Pem” Gardner, to move with him and join his laboratory team. He trained her in technical drawing, spot welding and typing his lab notes.

Professional Career

He was an accomplished real estate developer who participated in many major industrial projects across Memphis. Additionally, he played an active role with various civic and investment groups within Memphis like Memphis Zoo Inc and Church Health Center – non-profit initiatives offering healthcare for Memphis’ poorest residents.

He played for nine teams during his career, such as the Chicago Cubs, Tampa Bay Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates and Houston Astros. Currently he is available as a free agent.

Farnsworth’s victory was significant as it opened up pathways for other amateur surfers to join the pro tour. He has built up an illustrious career among amateur surfers and is widely recognized as one of the greatest ams worldwide. Additionally, Farnsworth champions “surfer’s oath”, helping young surfers make the transition from amateurs to pros.

Achievement and Honors

Farnsworth was also a pioneer of nuclear fusion research. He created a fusor that could create room temperature fusion, though due to a lack of funding the project was eventually abandoned.

Farnsworth was an accomplished inventor and researcher, earning numerous honors and awards throughout his career. He was recognized with membership into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, while receiving three Emmy awards for film clip production work.

An anniversary edition of Journal of Natural Products was dedicated in Farnsworth’s honor. An editorial written by Harry H.S. Fong, Geoffrey A. Cordell and A. Douglas Kinghorn noted how Farnsworth contributed significantly to transforming pharmacognosy from descriptive medical botany and mycology into its current dynamic state as a multidisciplinary science utilizing both biology and chemistry.”1 1

Personal Life

Thomas Farnsworth was an ardent family man, dedicated to spending quality time with his children and grandchildren. His passions included hunting, fishing, lumberjacking, snorkeling and kayaking as well as theater performances, reading history books and playing games – hobbies he found immensely fulfilling. Thomas was known as being quick-witted yet kind-hearted; his grandchildren greatly adored him.

Farnsworth sits on the boards of Memphis Zoo Inc and Church Health Center – both non-profit initiatives offering total healthcare to working poor individuals – and Pinnacle Partners LLC, a real estate development company.

He reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $25 Million and is known to have made over 2,000 stock trades since 2015. For more information about him, visit PeekYou, which provides people-search features to unearth information buried by other engines.

Net Worth

Farnsworth lives and serves on the board of trustees at Memphis’s Church Health Center. In 1927, Farnsworth’s team produced the first all-electronic TV image using a magnetic deflecting device to send electrons across a screen and form images.

Royalton resident 46-year-old Brian McGarvey was arrested after state troopers searched his vehicle and discovered 76 cartons of cigarettes, burglar tools, items from two Washington burglaries and items from two Waterbury Park and Ride break-ins in it. Additionally, police say his sneakers matched footprints left at LBJ Grocery from where these cigarettes had been stolen from.

Thomas C Iiii Farnsworth currently owns over 2,000 units of Pinnacle Partners stock worth more than $50k, having completed more than 1 trade over the last 8 years and purchasing 200 units annually on average.

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