Thomas Ferrante

Thomas Ferrante

Thomas Ferrante is a partner and board certified health care attorney at Foley & Lardner LLP. He provides guidance to his clients regarding an array of regulatory and compliance issues related to telemedicine and digital health.

At his Williamsburg apartment, he engaged in one of his wire portraits by carefully positioning two nude models before him, twisting until their fingers bled, and creating an image using wires and twisting techniques until their fingers became bloodied – work he described as both challenging and difficult.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Ferrante is an associate attorney at Foley & Lardner LLP and assists clients in dealing with Health Care situations. He received his legal training at Boston University School of Law.

Ferrante’s early novels (such as Troubling Love and La figlia oscura, both translated by Ann Goldstein in 2021) often read like case histories of anger, lapse, failure and tenuous psychic success for his protagonists as they navigate the demands of children and motherhood.

Tommy was popularly known by his friends. With an athletic build and Moorish features that hinted of origins, he displayed a vibrant sense of humor while debating with strangers on trains and buses. Additionally, he enjoyed dancing twirling his hips gleefully to music with a smile on his face.

Professional Career

Thomas Ferrante is an attorney at Foley & Lardner LLP who assists clients with Health Care issues. Educated at Boston University School of Law, Thomas received his license to practice law in 2011.

He specializes in telemedicine, digital health, remote patient monitoring and virtual care services as well as related transactional matters. His clients include hospitals, health systems and providers across the US to establish telemedicine arrangements.

He works closely with private equity groups on their acquisition of healthcare companies and telemedicine platforms, and has extensive experience advising clients on all legal aspects related to complex healthcare transactions. He possesses substantial expertise in mergers and acquisitions for both public and private companies.

Achievement and Honors

Ferrante has earned several accolades throughout his career for his service in education, such as being named FCS Assistant Coach of the Year by AFCA and for his commitment and success with student-athletes on and off the field.

His efforts as head coach have resulted in multiple CAA Football All-Conference selections and three All-Americans, while also producing 95 percent graduation rates and the highest GPA among any team nationally.

Ferrante has been active in his local community, fundraising and supporting arts, culture and heritage initiatives. He serves on the board of directors of Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden Livingston as well as helping children with special needs.

Personal Life

Thomas Ferrante is an experienced health care attorney working for Foley & Lardner LLP in Tampa, Florida. With both government and private practice experience as well as expertise in civil litigation and commercial disputes, Thomas Ferrante brings years of legal expertise.

Fearlessness has allowed him to find success both professionally and personally. Married, with two daughters and an affinity for spending time with family and friends he enjoys spending his free time exploring all possibilities that life may present him with.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Iolanda; children Ennio Ferrante-Carrante of Trumbull and Dominic Ferrante-Carrante and Chrissy Ferrante-Carrante from Shelton; grandchildren Robert Limoli, Alyson Savannah and Natalie; sister-in-laws Antoinette Tiberi-Al Tiberi as well as Carolina Gabriele; nieces and nephews as well.

Net Worth

Thomas Ferrante currently boasts a net worth of $45 Million as of 2020 and is best known for directing Sharknado and co-writing the 2005 ghost story Boo. Additionally, he is an award-winning author of true crime books and business literature.

Domenic Ferrante currently owns 151,603 shares of Dominos Pizza Inc stock and has traded it twice since 2010. His mailing address is C/O Brookside Capital Management Llc at 111 Huntington Avenue Boston Ma 02199.

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