thomas gendron

Thomas A Gendron

Thomas Gendron is an executive at Woodward Inc. He has made 56 trades in WWD over the last 13 years with an average trade value of approximately $1,023,500 per transaction and currently owns at least 10,000 shares of this stock.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas Gendron was born in Rockford, Illinois on December 20, 1967 and currently resides at 25 Fowler Street in Fort Rucker Alabama 36362. Additionally he is associated with 2183 Chenowith Road Rockford Illinois 61107 as well as 12526 Crest Creek Dr, Riverview Florida 33569 – known relatives include James Mclean, Kimberly Mclean Scott Mclean Melissa Gendron and Rhonda Franchi.

After 31 years with Woodward, and 17 as CEO, Gendron will retire this month. Woodward’s Board of Directors has appointed Charles “Chip” Blankenship Jr. to replace him on May 9 as chairman, CEO and president. Gendron will remain until July to ensure a seamless transition process while giving Woodward’s executive management team time to focus on strategic priorities of the business.

Thomas Gendron owns shares in Woodward Inc. (WWD) and Hexcel Corp (HXL). View his entire investment portfolio here.

Professional Career

Thomas Gendron is President and CEO of Woodward Governor Company, having taken over from John A Halbrook in July 2005. Gendron has over 31 years of experience at Woodward Governor, 17 as CEO. Gendron oversees both aircraft and industrial business segments; providing leadership for sales, marketing and business development management activities.

Since January 2018 no insider transactions have been undertaken by Thomas Gendron with Woodward Inc (WWD), while Charles P Blankenship made a net purchase of 2,900 shares through insider trading.

Woodward’s Board of Directors announced today that Woodward President and CEO Tom Gendron will retire on May 9, although he will remain as director, officer, and employee until mid-July to ensure a seamless transition. Woodward is an internationally acclaimed provider of products essential for power plants, critical transportation infrastructure, aircraft and more.

Achievement and Honors

Gendron earned his MBA at Rockford University before going on to work at Woodward Governor Company as both an aerospace and industrial sales representative, holding various leadership roles within sales, marketing and business development management. His broad understanding of Woodward Governor Company enabled him to assist Woodward Governor Company with strategic initiatives for both current and emerging markets.

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce honored local business leaders at its 108th Annual Dinner Thursday evening. President of Woodward Governor Company Thomas Gendron received the highly regarded Collins Award.

Gendron is best known for his meticulous black-and-white images of animal bones he found during hikes through Minnesota and New Mexico. Critics have described his works as both technically accomplished as well as romantic visionary.

Personal Life

Thomas Gendron lives in Fort Collins with his wife Traci and serves on various non-profit boards.

Gendron has also served as trustee for various educational institutions and made no insider trading transactions in the last 18 months.

Charles “Chip” Blankenship Jr has been appointed by the Board to succeed Gendron as chairman, president and CEO on May 9. To ensure a seamless transition to his new duties until July 11, he will remain at the company through July 11.

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Net Worth

Thomas A Gendron has an estimated net worth of approximately $11 Million dollars and has made over 56 trades of WWD stock, according to insider filings with the SEC. Additionally, Thomas owns shares in Hexcel Corp (HXL).

FORT COLLINS, Colorado (WFRV) – After 31 years at Woodward Governor Company and 17 as its CEO, Tom Gendron will retire effective May 9 at the request of its board. However, to facilitate an orderly transition and ensure strategic priorities are executed with precision by executive management team, Gendron will remain as director, officer and employee until July 11.

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