Thomas Harker

Thomas Harker

Thomas Harker is an experienced senior finance executive. He has spearheaded financial reporting, policy, accounting and audit readiness efforts across the Department of Defense and implemented and streamlined processes, remedied material weaknesses, identified billions in savings opportunities and ensured regulatory compliance.

He will assume Elaine McCusker’s responsibilities of Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management and Comptroller when he takes over in that capacity.

Early Life and Education

Harker opened Manzanita Hall as the inaugural college-prepatory school for boys in Palo Alto – what later became known as Silicon Valley.

Harker was also the primary writer for Thomas: King of the Railway and its spin-off series Thomas and His Friends; writing both of their initial two seasons. Additionally, he contributed his talents to other children’s television shows like Caribou Kitchen, Humf and Fireman Sam.

On the court, Justice Kagan has long championed originalism – a legal theory which advocated adhering to strict readings of the Constitution – though his views on certain issues have often changed over time – even small changes can have significant ramifications for both justices and citizens alike.

Professional Career

Harker has held several key military and civilian business leadership roles over his three-decade career, such as acting Secretary of the Navy in 2021 and serving as Senate-confirmed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Financial Management and Comptroller since 2018.

Harker has played an instrumental role at Wharton, leading major fundraising initiatives like its Campaign for Sustained Leadership and forging partnerships with top global business schools like INSEAD. Additionally, he is widely respected in operations research fields having published several professional articles in that arena.

Harker also serves as CEO of BZI Construction Company, which specializes in structural steel and pre-engineered building construction projects. She oversees staff members and general contractors to ensure projects are completed on schedule and on budget.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Harker is a distinguished professor at the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and has received many honors and awards during his distinguished career. Additionally, he sits on several public company boards of directors.

Harker has served as acting Secretary of the Navy since President Joe Biden assumed office in January. Prior to this appointment, he served as one of the Navy’s highest civilian financial officials.

Harker recently stated that the Navy must “press forward with” its efforts to de-stigmatize decisions by sailors and Marines to seek mental health treatment, as well as learning lessons from last year’s collisions between guided-missile destroyers USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain which resulted in seven fatalities among their personnel.

Personal Life

Thomas Harker served for two decades in the U.S. Coast Guard and participated in multiple drug seizures for which he received both meritorious service medal and commendation medal. Additionally, he held positions such as associate deputy assistant secretary of financial policy at VA and financial manager at OMB.

Harker is both an accomplished public servant and businessman, having founded two companies and currently serving as department of defense and civilian chair at Aeyon, an engineering and management services firm based out of Vienna Virginia. Former Navy vice admiral Forrest Faison will join him there as healthcare chair; both will reside together. Harker has three children and five grandchildren living close by.

Net Worth

Thomas Harker served for 20 years in the Coast Guard, where he assisted in numerous drug seizures at sea. Later he transitioned into public accounting firm work auditing CFO Act agencies and providing consultation to government officials.

Harker helped improve Coast Guard financial reporting and policy upon his return to the Navy. He led efforts to eliminate internal control weaknesses, leading to consecutive clean audit opinions and increasing accountability for property management as well as audit readiness within his department.

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