Thomas Hebert

Thomas Hebert

Thomas Hebert was an expert tugboat captain. For 10 years he worked with gifted students, and taught graduate students and educators in gifted education for over two decades.

He has published extensively on topics related to social and emotional development of gifted students as well as underachievement among high-ability students. Furthermore, he offers courses in qualitative research methods.

Early Life and Education

Tom Hebert was an educator, author, public speaker and passionate supporter of religious liberty. For four decades at Thomas More College/University he taught history full time – in that time serving as Chairperson of History International Studies Political Science Gemini Dual Credit Program Director as well as Dean.

Hebert was a gifted and talented education expert with extensive research experience. For his contributions in gifted education, Hebert was honored with the 2000 NAGC Early Scholar Award, the 2008 Mary Frasier Equity and Excellence Research Award from Georgia Association for Gifted Students, and an Honored Alumni Research award from Neag School of Education at University of Connecticut.

Hebert was a beloved husband, father, and grandfather who loved spending time with family and friends. He will be sorely missed.

Professional Career

Hebert was an active member of the Umatilla Indian Reservation community and often rode his beloved Cayuse pony Eusebio in parades throughout Umatilla County. Additionally, he conducted extensive research into their culture.

He has vast expertise in the regulatory process and advises clients on an array of environmental and conservation matters, including work related to WOTUS and NWPR rules of the Clean Air Act.

Hebert has shown in numerous galleries and received various fellowships and grants. He taught at ECSU and served on the Hartford Art Museum board before freelancing as both artist and writer; with a deep commitment to education and public service.

Achievement and Honors

On November 7 1943 at Koromokina River on Bougainville Island of Solomon Islands, Thomas risked his life to disable a Japanese machine gun post despite fierce hostile fire from enemy forces. Together with his men he boldly advanced through dense jungle undergrowth into enemy territory until disabling machine guns with accurate rifle fire and grenades.

Thomas Hebert has received numerous honors throughout his career. These include being recognized as two Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Members at Thomas More University and becoming a lifetime member of Albright Academy Alumni Association.

He enjoys golf, skiing and spending time with his family. A devout Christian, he serves on his church vestry committee and is an enthusiastic thoroughbred horse racing fanatic.

Personal Life

Tom was an active and committed member of his church and community volunteer. His passions included sports, fishing and gardening – as well as being a fantastic cook who greatly enjoyed entertaining family and friends. All who knew him will miss him dearly.

In March 1993, Newport News Shipbuilding’s tugboat Thomas Hebert had just left Norfolk on its four-day voyage to Maine tow a coal barge with her six crewmembers, led by captain William E. “Sweet Willy” Landers from Elizabeth City and deckhand Richard Cooper both having been there for an extended period.

Hebert’s treatment plan began with systemic chemotherapy. Colorectal surgeon Nell Maloney Patel extracted her colon tumor, while surgeon Carpizo implanted a hepatic artery infusion pump roughly the size of a hockey puck into Hebert’s abdomen.

Net Worth

Hebert is one of the founding members of Lux Capital, a venture capital firm he transformed into one of the leading emerging technology research firms worldwide. Additionally, He serves on the Boards of Avail Medsystems Inc, Flex Logix Technologies Inc, Halo Neuro Inc and Matterport Inc.

He owns several real estate assets and invests in several public companies; while their value may remain unknown, these should all be included when calculating his net worth.

According to SEC form 4 filings, Hebert has conducted one insider trade in Everspin Technologies Inc since 2016. This included purchasing 137,420 shares at an average cost per share of $9.98 on 13 October 2016 via an insider transaction.

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