Thomas Herndon

Thomas Herndon Scarinci is a Partner at Scarinci Hollenbeck

Prior to joining Scarinci Hollenbeck, Mr. Herndon founded and was the managing member of a New York law firm where he oversaw all corporate, commercial, regulatory, administrative and litigation matters for their client base. Additionally, Mr. Herndon handled numerous litigation cases across all stages of legal processes.

Robert is survived by his devoted family including sons Thomas and Alexandre, daughters-in-law Simone and Mette Siegfredsen, grandchildren Aiden, Chantelle Brooke and Laila, his sisters Mariel and Cily, as well as brother Bernard; along with many friends across the globe.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in a working-class family, working as a postal clerk while attending Manhattan College before joining the Marine Corps and fighting in World War II.

As soon as he graduated Yale Law School, he was admitted to the Missouri Bar and began practicing law with both the Department of Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Thomas transitioned into private practice, specializing in civil rights and corporate litigation. Additionally, he served as assistant to Missouri attorney general. Thomas has written extensively on constitutional and civil rights issues; often aligning himself with Justice Antonin Scalia. For instance, in Good News Club v Milford Central School case that highlighted his ability to overturn decades-old precedent.

Professional Career

Thomas Scarinci served as an associate attorney to Missouri Attorney General John Danforth before enrolling at Yale Law School and eventually being admitted to the bar in 1974. Since then he has consistently taken conservative stances, often voting alongside Justice Antonin Scalia or breaking from majority opinion when necessary.

He has extensive expertise in litigation relating to high-end art, representing galleries, clients, brokers and luxury asset funds in disputes relating to this art form. Additionally, he has handled corporate, commercial and regulatory matters on behalf of both private and public companies; acting as outside general counsel for various businesses in these capacities.

U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle honored 99-year-old Roland Scarinci of Rhawnhurst with a House proclamation and harmonica to commemorate his birthday celebrations. Scarinci, an experienced marine musician and harmonica player residing on Benson Street is currently celebrating.

Achievement and Honors

Scarinci made his mark in his inaugural season at Molloy as an aggressive base runner who would eventually steal bases to become their all-time leader, breaking Wichita State’s Division I mark with 189 stolen bases (he did this against Felician in game 15!). At Felician he stole second base en route to becoming program’s all-time leader as well.

At home and professionally, he is also widely-recognized within his community, serving on many boards of both local and state organizations; an active member of NYSSCPA since 1990; also contributing to several books as well as providing papers at transportation conferences.

Personal Life

Scarinci was born to Dennis and Ann Scarinci of Brooklyn. After attending Manhattan College he considered becoming a priest before eventually opting for Yale Law School where he graduated in 1974.

At Marine Vet in Rhawnhurst, thousands of customers shouted their appreciation. “YOU ARE THE MAN,” was heard repeatedly.

Roland Scarinci, 99, an accomplished harmonica player and tireless community activist residing on Benson Street in Rhawnhurst was honored by Congressman Brendan Boyle and an enthusiastic crowd that came out to honor him and celebrate his life. Scarinci had served in World War II Marines before being an active volunteer with American Red Cross – founding member of Civic Improvement Association as well as active volunteer with Red Cross volunteerism he also leaves behind wife, two daughters as well as many friends and family to remember him by.

Net Worth

Thomas Scarinci provides assistance to high-net-worth individuals and families involved in tax disputes with federal or state taxing authorities, estate planning needs and wealth preservation matters. Thomas practices as part of Scarinci Hollenbeck’s Tax, Trusts & Estates Group in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Notes: A person’s net worth measures their total assets minus debts, such as home equity, savings/checking accounts, retirement funds and investments. This analysis controls for age, survey year, education level, occupation type, health limitations (depression/exercise/smoking etc), urban residency and averages are rounded to within 10,000 dollars of each other.

Thomas Scarinci died at 55 on 23 August 2022 in Denmark and is survived by his beloved wife Mette Siegfredsen and children Nicolas and Alexandre, his sisters Sylvie-Anne and Christine (Bernard Castonguay), nephews Benjamin and Felix as well as Beatrice his niece as well as many friends around the globe.

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