Thomas Kahlert

Thomas Kahlert

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Carroll County public schools will receive STEM centers thanks to a $1 Million gift from the Kahlert Foundation, providing hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities as well as serving as research labs.

Early Life and Education

As well as funding the Kahlert Scholarship, his gift is also contributing to student success programs and funding a new science complex expected to open its doors in spring 2021 – making this donation one of the largest private gifts ever given to the college.

Roberta appreciates how The Kahlert Foundation supports English Learner initiatives as she worked closely with them for 28 years in Baltimore County Public Schools. Students TU also benefit from this foundation’s investments in cutting-edge curriculum, professional development opportunities for teachers, afterschool and summer programming for young English Learners.

Frank Lawrence Kahlert married Lorraine Kahlert before 1953 and had two siblings: William John Kahlert and John Thomas Kahlert. He died at age 67 on December 15, 1966 in Minnesota. To create your free family tree of Frank Lawrence Kahlert and see his connections to other families and relatives.

Professional Career

The Kahlert Foundation has long been generous to TU, giving us gifts such as the donation of $930,000 towards a new College of Health Professions building slated to open in 2021, support for UTeach, scholarships for ELL initiatives and youth programs that align with our mission of service to the community.

All TU students are eligible to apply for the Kahlert Scholarship program, with those accepted receiving scholarships to enroll in a certificate course that introduces cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, scholars participate in campus activities like workshops, tech company visits and competitions; workshops host by the program also host guest speakers – giving scholars a great way to expand their network while meeting peers from across campus.

Achievement and Honors

Kahlert has not only received numerous professional honors and awards during his time with Milligan but has also established several scholarships for students at Milligan. Troy Petrie from Louisville received the Undergraduate Student Teaching Award while Tim Hurtak of Lexington received The German Award while Chelsea Farnam from San Antonio was presented The English Award.

Kahlert Foundation recently made a generous gift of $930,000 towards the Science Complex opening in spring 2021 and associated UTeach programs and scholarships, ELL initiatives and improvements to South Campus Fields. This donation adds up to over $3.93 million, taking total University donations since fall semester to date to over $4.28 million.

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Personal Life

Kahlert and Carol Surdyka have three children together. He enjoys watching sports and playing basketball; as well as video gaming in his free time. Kahlert is an ardent supporter of Atlanta Hawks, Falcons, and Braves teams.

He enjoys traveling and has visited various countries around the globe.

Kahlert’s personal life is filled with family and friends. As an accomplished father and husband, he enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones on weekends.

Kahlert hails from both German and Irish ancestries and boasts several professional athlete relatives; NBA player Ronald Acuna is among his close companions, while Kahlert has worked alongside numerous notable celebrities as part of his famed Arkansas birth control movement.

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