Thomas Kearns

Thomas Kearns

Thomas Kearns represents clients in complex, high-value real estate transactions such as land assemblage, ground leasing and sales agreements, development of commercial and residential properties and more. With an in-depth background in psychology and communication studies.

Kearns first came to Park City from Canada in 1883 with only limited resources and started working several mines immediately.

Early Life and Education

Kearns has spent his time at NKU conducting research with numerous faculty members. These include Associate Professor Sarah Arpin in the Social Emotions Relationships and Health Lab and Assistant Professor Vinai Norasakkunkit in the Cultural Psychology lab.

Born in Woodstock, Ontario County of Canada and his family’s move to Nebraska where he attended grammar school. Subsequently he started mining and prospecting and found success developing Park City’s Silver King Coalition Mine making him a millionaire and becoming a delegate at Utah’s constitutional convention advocating an eight hour work day.

Jennie Judge Kearns and Thomas Kearns collaborated in building an elegant marble, granite and sandstone residence that they later donated to the state of Iowa for use as Governor’s home in 1937. Additionally they established St Ann’s Orphanage and Kearns Catholic elementary school.

Professional Career

Kearns has conducted research in multiple labs around campus. For example, in one with Assistant Professor Alexander Bies he explores how missing data in psychological sciences may impact broadening fields of study and invalidate conclusions and results.

Kearns has also been working closely with Associate Professor Heather Crandall, Ph.D. and in her Visual Aesthetics, Perception and Individual Differences Lab. Kearns’ primary research interest lies within artificial intelligence perception and narratives. Additionally, Kearns was invited to join this year’s “Boots on the Ground Panel”, an event which brings together professionals from law enforcement, emergency medical care and behavioral health to address Fort Wainwright opioid crisis on October 5. Kearns has long been an advocate of his university, GLVC sports and NCAA Division II teams as an avid supporter – long may this tradition continue!

Achievement and Honors

Kearns was well known in Utah for his expertise in mining law and conservation/irrigation programs under Theodore Roosevelt. Additionally, he earned praise as an unwavering hard worker with unbreakable determination when facing difficult situations.

He was also an active member of his Miami community, serving on boards of numerous civic and business organizations such as Hollywood (Florida) Jaycees, United Fund and Barnett Bank.

Kearns was instrumental in the construction of the University of Montana Sports Hall of Fame building which opened its permanent doors in 1957. This hall is unique in that it honors amateur athletes only; only this Hall recognizes significant contributors to UM athletic teams or alumni success and awards them with membership into the UM Sports Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

Thomas Kearns had an eventful life. He married three times and had four children before becoming a member of Florida state legislature and director for Barnett Bank. Additionally, he served as president for Hollywood (Florida) Jaycees as well as being on the United Fund of Florida board of directors.

At his U.S. Senate election campaign in 1899, opponents accused him of becoming suspicious among church leaders due to using an assumed name when arriving in Park City – as this gave the impression he might be hiding something or trying to avoid paying taxes. This allegation implied he might be an outlaw hiding somewhere nearby.

He amassed mining, banking, railroad and newspaper interests during his lifetime and owned The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper. However, in 1918 he was killed when hit by a car at South Temple and Main streets.

Net Worth

Tom Kearns estimated net worth is estimated between $1 and $2 Million dollars, having amassed wealth through his primary career as a Hurdler.

He is one of Manhattan’s premier experts in the acquisition, turnaround and sale of office buildings. Additionally, he has overseen numerous workouts of ground-leased hotels and devised innovative commercial condominium structuring arrangements. Furthermore, he regularly represents professional athletes as well as high net-worth individuals in residential property transactions in New York.

Roger L. Kearns also serves as Chairman of Xtremepush, an international push marketing technology company. With this role comes an opportunity for him to display his leadership abilities while expanding his personal net worth; as of May 17 2022 according to SEC filings Roger L. Kearns owns one stock in Westlake Corp (WLK).

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