Thomas Kemner

Thomas Kemner

Thomas Kemner is an American entrepreneur and businessman. He founded and serves as CEO of Kemner Engineering, which provides engineering services for transportation purposes. Additionally, Thomas sits on several public company boards.

Adrian boys cross country team placed second in both races at Saturday’s Chelsea Invitational: freshman-sophomore race won by Thomas Apling while Collin Kemner and Jon Steele led junior-senior runners in junior-senior division.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Kemner was born in Scipio, Utah and died at his home in Bountiful, Utah. A member of the LDS Church, he served in both Hawaii and Georgia Atlanta missions as well as numerous ward and stake positions. He leaves behind son Edward Kemner of Scotia NY; daughter Kathy Kemner Bombardier Bombardier Bombardier Burleson TX as well as sister Rose Kemner Franklin (Colonie NY). Additionally he leaves five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren to mourn his passing.

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Professional Career

He began his career as an aviator before serving in the military and returning home. While working on behalf of his family’s business, he served on many community and charitable boards and lectured frequently at Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business.

He has served on the Utah State Board of Education since 2008. Additionally, he chairs both its Health Insurance Task Force and Economic Development Advisory Council.

Kemner is co-owner and manager of The Wine Country in Long Beach. In her free time she enjoys cooking for friends, reading and traveling; having visited France, Italy and Spain so far. Champagne is her drink of choice while running and volleyball are her main hobbies.

Achievement and Honors

Research in condensed matter fundamental properties, particularly strong correlation and f-electron systems; outreach activities directed toward students and scientific communities; and outstanding leadership are recognized here.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s national security programs require developing innovative computational strategies, including materials dynamics, material strength evaluation, high temperature plasma issues and various Quantum Monte Carlo and nonadiabatic electron dynamics methods that support stockpile stewardship and National Boost Initiative programs.

Thomas Kemner was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving missions on both Hawaiian Islands and Atlanta Georgia areas. He leaves behind his wife Julie, sons Michael and Sebastiaan as well as one grandchild; Davis Funeral Home of Bountiful Utah will oversee arrangements.

Personal Life

Kemner was an active member of the LDS Church who served missions in Hawaii and Georgia Atlanta as well as numerous ward and stake leadership roles.

He and Kathy Kemner were parents to Edward Daniel Kemner from Scotia NY, Thomas Floyd Kemner from Burleson TX and Amy Kemner Bombardier of Schenectady NY; as well as grandparents for Emily LaPan, Kendra Gill, Macie Gill, Braycen Gill and Delaney Kemner.

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