Thomas Keyes

Thomas Keyes

Thomas Keyes was captain of Sandgate Castle and serjeant porter to Queen Elizabeth I. Without her consent, he married Lady Mary Grey who laid claim to the throne.

Bishop Connolly coach Mark Coute relied heavily on Thomas Keyes to lead his Cougars past Lynnfield for an upset win in Division 4 final. Thomas scored 26 points to give Bishop Connolly a 65-62 triumph against Pioneers.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Keyes was born and educated in Morristown, NJ before serving in the Navy for some time as a detective. Later he settled down in Minnesota with his wife and founded Keyes Drilling Company – his second generation drilling business with an excellent reputation among customers for doing quality work at competitive rates.

He has also dedicated much of his time and skills to improving the community, such as serving on local boards for Marriage Encounter. Additionally, he serves as a deacon at his church as well as participating in several state committees and advisory councils.

He has developed extensive expertise in intellectual property litigation, representing clients from diverse industries in cases involving trademarks, copyrights, false advertising and more.

Professional Career

Tom Keyes offers clients comprehensive litigation representation on matters ranging from complex financial transactions and insurance/environmental disputes, cost recovery actions, regulatory matters and parkland alienation disputes. He regularly assists his clients with this aspect of their litigation practice.

He divides his time between overseeing regional family court on State Street and dealing with more routine issues at his cramped probate office on Orange Street. His responsibilities include processing guardianships for children as well as an immigration assistance program that grants grants to guardians for child-related expenses and emergencies.

He has contributed regularly to magazines like Look, Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan as a journalist and author. Additionally, he penned two novels- Mafia-themed in particular- as well as nonfiction book about 1942 Boston Cocoanut Grove fire. Additionally, he co-founded Youth on Board as well.

Achievement and Honors

Honors Program offers exceptional educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom for select students who strive to maximize their education. It features challenging courses designed to cultivate higher-level thinking and deepen understanding.

Keyes was an exceptional three-sport athlete at Detroit Lakes. He earned a state championship football berth as a linebacker while also excelling as both a defenseman on hockey and pitcher for baseball teams.

He played an integral part in creating the Kinship Residency Program, which provides guardians appointed by courts with cash awards to cover emergency expenses related to children and emergencies. He has also handled multiple cases seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status visas for children abused or neglected by their parents – this process could take years.

Personal Life

Thomas Keyes is married to Nettie and has six children together with two grand- and great-grandsons.

As a descendant of the Earls of Kent, he served as royal gatekeeper at Sandgate Castle and participated in suppressing Wyatt’s Rebellion. Additionally, in 1556-8 he sued Francis Lambard for debts due to him. Additionally he married Lady Mary Grey without receiving consent from Queen Elizabeth.

Now, he specializes in producing insular manuscripts and parchment for museums and universities across Britain, working closely with them as an expert in making parchment production processes and author of many books on this subject.

Net Worth

Thomas Keyes reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $54 Million. This wealth was amassed through his career as a sales consultant and entrepreneur, in addition to owning significant shares of T-Mobile US Inc. since 2013. On 27 February 2015 he executed one trade worth over $6,869,034. This trade involved exercising 282,560 units of TMUS stock that totalled over $6,869,034.

He is also an active investor, having made multiple trades in TMUS since 2013. Currently he owns over 43,000 shares valued at $34,841,131; according to SEC records he made 19 trades since 2013 as an insider, making him one of the most active insiders within TMUS and making him eligible for significant bonuses as one of its founders.

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