Thomas Kosasa

Thomas Kosasa – A Renaissance Man

Kosasa was an unabashed Renaissance man. He excelled at numerous endeavors – racing cars, flying cargo planes, and even giving birth.

Dr. Thomas Kosasa has over 52 years of experience as a Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility specialist in Honolulu. After graduating from Dartmouth College he currently practices at Kapiolani Medical Center For Women & Children as well as Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Early Life and Education

The Kosasa family, founders of ABC Stores, have long been generous donors to non-profits throughout their home state of Arizona. One notable area where their philanthropy can be seen is at JABSOM/School of Medicine.

He is a pilot who offers medical emergency flights on weekends, directs architectural design of his Nuuanu home and races cars as a hobby – making him something of a modern Renaissance man with skills spanning across numerous fields but dedicating most of his energy toward helping women conceive babies.

He specializes in obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology. Of his many achievements, none can surpass the number of births that he has assisted with; currently at over 10,000 – no other doctor can ever surpass such an achievement!

Professional Career

Professor Thomas Kosasa keeps busy by piloting Air Ambulance missions on weekends, racing race cars and serving as one of Punahou School’s most generous donors throughout its 179-year history. When not giving birth or administering fertility treatments he’s busy piloting Air Ambulance missions or flying Air Ambulance missions on Air Ambulance flights! And don’t forget the race car racing! When not working or giving birth he pioneers infertility treatments while leading experts on reproductive endocrinology; additionally he’s one of Punahou’s most generous donors ever.

After being interned at Tule Lake Relocation Camp in 1943, he and Minnie began creating their ABC Stores chain of convenience stores, catering specifically to tourists. These businesses now boast over 70 locations throughout Hawaii.

Kosasa’s impressive skill sets and accomplishments make him a true Renaissance man, in the tradition of Leonardo Da Vinci. Yet he remains modest about it all, taking out his trash without being asked or paying his bills early; all while managing to be an outstanding doctor, pilot, race car driver and architect.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Kosasa is a local Renaissance man, boasting vast talents across numerous fields. He’s generous with both time and resources to make a positive difference wherever he goes.

Dr. Hsu has earned multiple awards for his excellence as a gynecologist and fertility specialist, in addition to becoming an active philanthropist who established endowed professorships within the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health at University of Hawaii.

Kosasa was honored at a recent class of 1963 event for his service to Punahou School. As a loyal donor over many years – including setting up a scholarship named in his honor and helping push Punahou over its $175 million Ku’u Punahou Campaign goal – and being an active Board Trustee member himself, he was presented with this accolade.

Personal Life

Kosasa is an accomplished pilot and race car driver, but his passion lies in giving back. He has made significant contributions to local communities including building gymnasiums at schools and creating scholarships for students as well as giving money to charities such as Humane Society.

He earned his B.A. at Dartmouth College where he served as captain of the rifle team before earning a medical degree from McGill University in Montreal and serving a residency program in obstetrics and gynecology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital followed by a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology at Harvard Medical School.

An avid philanthropist, Mr. Kosasa founded the Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community for Grades 2-5 which opened its doors in 2017. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Kapi’olani Health Foundation where he supports programs including its Sex Abuse Treatment Center.

Net Worth

Kosasa’s generous contributions have brought immense benefit to numerous educational and community institutions. One of his largest gifts was a $5 million contribution to the University of Hawaii at Manoa Medical School – it marked one of the single-largest private philanthropic investments ever by any individual or family in its medical school.

Kosasa was among Punahou’s most generous donors, leading its $175 million Kuu Punahou Campaign with a pledge of $27 million and honoring both his parents by founding the Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community for grades 2-5 in their name.

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