Thomas Leone

Thomas Leone laughs out from behind his desk cluttered with loose papers and family photographs – as interim Chief of UMBPD (University of Massachusetts Boston Police Department).

He has 25 years of progressive law enforcement experience and leads a department that prioritizes diversity and community. One of his outreach programs included being among one of the first police departments to partner with social work interns.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Leone was born June 2 in Butler and graduated from Jamestown High School and Alfred State College. An avid sports fan, Thomas was also a member of Kidder Memorial United Methodist Church in Dunkirk.

He began his career at Hardware Mutual before attending Syracuse University College of Law where he joined Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity and earned his law degree in 1961.

He has earned national renown for his work in constitutional law and has written several conservative majority opinions, such as District of Columbia v. Heller (a landmark gun control case) and Good News Club v. Milford Central School.

Professional Career

Thomas Leone earned a master’s degree from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. Additionally, he held positions as both Frederick County patrol officer and police academy instructor.

Prior to joining the CDC, Leone served as an epidemiology field officer in both New Jersey and Puerto Rico with its Division of State and Local Readiness, working on various public health initiatives related to Ebola and dengue outbreaks.

Leone was a longstanding member of St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic Church in Ann Arbor and active in many community organizations. She was also the aunt to eight nieces and nephews, with whom she shared lively conversations. Leone will be sorely missed by everyone she knew and met during her life.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Leone received multiple awards during his time at Bonaventure University. These included the John M. Orland Philosophy Pre-Law Award and Malcolm V.T. Wallace Latin Award as well as being recognized as a general excellence transfer student.

He has led an effort to ensure a police department that prioritizes community and integrity. COAST was created as one of the nation’s first co-response models and resulted in 54.7 percent crime reduction for 2020.

He increased mandatory training, introduced body-worn cameras to increase transparency and created mentorship and advancement opportunities for security officers. Furthermore, as a writer/producer he collaborated on records with artists like Buddy and Tayla Parx as well as wrote/produced songs for Drake and Rick Ross.

Personal Life

Tom Leone was an enthusiastic devotee to health, experimenting with supplements and products on an almost-daily basis. In addition, he practiced yoga and took Judo lessons. Finally, he even enjoyed jumping trampolines until late in life!

Leone leads UMBPD as Chief to ensure it prioritizes diversity, community involvement and integrity. As one of the first university departments nationwide to utilize social work interns and offer community-centric law enforcement, Leone has spearheaded transformational change at UMBPD.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Elaine Hauschild Leone of Hilliards; their three children Lizabeth Leone and Scott Leone (Glastonbury), Duffy Leone (Hamden), four grandchildren; as well as his brother Paul S Velzy (Ashville). Carson Olson from Gerry is also part of their extended family.

Net Worth

Toni Leone is an extremely wealthy mobster who boasts an abundance of money in his bank account. He makes a healthy salary from acting while also collecting royalties from music sales – he owns multiple mixtapes and an EP to his name.

Following his war with the Costello family, Toni Leone decided to expand his family further. He took control of Malone Crime Family and Sleeping Samurai Gang which made his family immensely powerful.

The Leone family now operates crews in Miami, Canada and other locations. They conduct various forms of illegal business such as gambling, prostitution and loan sharking while possessing both American- and Russian-made weaponry for protection – becoming one of the dominant mob families in New York City.

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