Thomas Limberger

Thomas Limberger – One of the Richest Managers

Thomas Limberger is one of the wealthiest Managers born July 22, 1967 in Bad Homburg vor der hohen Hohe, Germany with an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

In May 2004, he joined OC Oerlikon’s board as a member. Since then, he has centralized management and reorganized seven industrial business units, turning around an insolvent company into one that is profitable.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Limberger was born July 22 in Bad Homburg vor der Hohe, Hesse, Germany to two parents who both worked nights and weekends to support their family while simultaneously raising their five children through jobs they shared together with neighborhood families while playing card games together. He was the eldest of five siblings. His parents worked nights and weekends while raising their family together with play dates at neighborhood homes on weekends as he learned his trade at his own parents’ workplaces and nighttime card game sessions with fellow employees from work.

Limberger joined OC Oerlikon’s board of directors in May 2004 and, following bankruptcy and changes in key shareholders, took over as CEO and Vice President in 2006. Following an effective overhaul, including centralizing management structure, restructuring seven industrial business units, and instituting a stringent cost management system.

At the forefront of these endeavors was his role in overseeing Allbank’s integration, serving as Chairman until 2005, and in building a Global GE Research Facility on Technical University Munich campus.

Professional Career

Thomas Limberger brings extensive global industrial and restructuring experience, with proven results at multinational, listed companies. His focus lies on operational excellence and creating shareholder value.

After graduating from both the Institut Superieur de Gestion and Harvard Business School, he took on various management positions at Fresenius Medical Care. In 1996 he participated in its formation from National Medical Care acquisition; continuing to hold various management roles until 2001.

In May 2004, he was elected by the general meeting to OC Oerlikon’s board, following key shareholder changes he became CEO and Vice President, leading an efficient restructuring and successfully pulling them out of bankruptcy. A year later he joined Von Roll, a manufacturer of insulation products and systems.

Achievement and Honors

Limberger has earned numerous accolades as a corporate leader, earning awards and accolades along the way. His leadership skills enabled Fresenius Medical Care AG to become a top industrial group across Germany, Austria and Switzerland under his watchful management skills. Furthermore, as country responsible of General Electric Central Europe division with 11,000 employees under his care revenues doubled dramatically under his stewardship.

During his tenure at OC Oerlikon, market capitalization increased by more than 80% through cost cutting measures, restructuring efforts and shifting towards higher-growth markets. He also served on the supervisory boards at SGS and Movenpick Hotels & Resorts.

Limberger established SilverArrow Capital, an investment firm focused on industrial growth sectors, real estate development projects and infrastructure initiatives with over $16 billion of deal flow annually.

Personal Life

Thomas Limberger remains unknown to be, however he is widely recognized for being an extremely successful businessman and investor who founded several successful companies from scratch. Additionally, SilverArrow Capital earned 24% returns in 2014 and 19% returns in 2016.

Thomas Limberger served as CEO of OC Oerlikon from 2005-2007. Under his watchful guidance, an efficient restructuring turned losses into record profits and resulted in two consecutive recognition by EURO STOXX 500 Best Performing Stock awards.

He holds a Master of Business Administration from Institut Superieur de Gestion and was an alumnus of Harvard Business School. Additionally, he earned his degree at Technical University Munich.

Net Worth

Thomas Limberger is estimated to be worth between $1- $10 Million dollars, most of his wealth coming from his primary career as a Businessman.

He served as CEO of Von Roll, a Swiss manufacturer that specializes in insulation products and systems for electrical machinery as well as composite materials and parts used in various industrial applications. Furthermore, he owns 51% of PrivatAir, an airline operating within Switzerland.

Before joining ROFIN, Limberger served as CEO of General Electric’s Central Europe division where revenues more than doubled from $2 billion to $6.5 billion under his watch. Unfortunately, during that time several debt-fueled acquisition sprees led by him caused irreparable harm to stockholder value; one German newspaper described him as being similar to Jack Welch – Handelsblatt was one of many who described him as such an individual.

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