Thomas Liotti

Thomas Liotti – A Well-Known Long Island Attorney and Village Justice

After discovering he was adopted, an accomplished Long Island attorney and Village Justice began searching for his biological parents. This discovery drastically altered both his life and work; his memoir recounts its effects.

Liotti provided his response brief in which he addressed each charge against him, attributing each incident to mistakes or poor judgement and not warranting formal discipline.

Early Life and Education

Westbury Village Justice Thomas Liotti began searching for his biological parents after learning from his ailing father that he was adopted. To do so, he utilized legal channels, petitioned Nassau County Surrogate Court to open his file and hired investigators; additionally he sought advice from channelers in order to gain more insight into who his birthparents might be.

Judge Mojo tells a fascinating true tale, depicting how an initial dispute between a high-profile attorney and an emotionally fragile judge became an obsession for Mogil himself – as well as offering valuable lessons about judicial misconduct.

Professional Career

Thomas Liotti is an esteemed civil rights attorney, Village Justice and author. Recently he represented a family involved in an arduous custody dispute and filed formal complaints against former Nassau County Judge Marc Mogil who was removed due to misconduct allegations.

Louis Liotti, who passed away at 91 years old, shocked and confused his son Tom when he revealed that Tom wasn’t biologically his father’s child. This news set off an incredible journey.

Liotti concedes the substance of all five charges in this matter in his response brief, attributing each to mistakes or poor judgement. His counsel argues that taken together these facts do not meet the threshold required to initiate private disciplinary proceedings; the Court disagrees and will impose discipline.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Liotti has amassed many honors and achievements during his life. From all-American college swimmer to accomplished civil rights lawyer. Additionally, he was widely respected author whose first book Judge Mojo (iUniverse 2008) recounts an intriguing tale about an ordeal with a New York judge suffering from bipolar disorder who set out on an attempt to ruin Liotti’s career – it provides a true account of their journey together as well as any lessons learned along the way.

Personal Life

Thomas Liotti of Garden City has represented high-profile clients and helped remove one Nassau County Court judge. Additionally, he filed complaints against judges and is now suing Nassau County over their policy permitting political party cross-endorsements of judicial candidates.

He began searching for his biological parents, desperate to connect with his past and discover who his biological parents were. This moving book chronicles this personal search process and how it affected him personally and professionally – including how it affected work – as he sought answers about himself and his past. Brilliantly captures one man’s incredible journey into his past while attesting to resilience of human spirit; truly an epic tale, The Secret Adoption will leave readers with new appreciation of life and forgiveness – truly an essential read by Celeste Hadrick from Newsday. -Celeste Hadrick

Net Worth

Liotti graduated from the National Theatre Workshop and received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for his role on ER. Additionally, he has played Frank Sinatra in The Rat Pack TV film (1998); Lorca in Texas Rising miniseries (2004); Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002 and recently served as voice actor Tommy Vercetti on Grand Theft Auto VICE CITY videogame in 2002 – while most recently making his cinematic debut with Cocaine Bear (2023), an original drama based around true events that saw duffel bags full of cocaine consumed by American black bears – estimated net worth estimated to be approximately $25 Million!

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