Thomas Logue

Thomas Logue is an associate judge on Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal. Over his distinguished career he has heard thousands of cases and written hundreds of opinions in areas like administrative law, civil rights, contracts, criminal law, family law and both federal and Florida constitutional law.

He has always championed diversity and inclusion long before they became trendy concepts. Furthermore, he advocates judicial restraint.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Logue was born October 18, 1932 in Vicksburg, Mississippi to Odette and Thomas Logue and spent his early years living a military lifestyle, serving in the US Navy before graduating high school. Later he attended college and law school.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Dickinson College and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Duke University, and has appeared before various federal and Florida trial and appellate courts, in addition to having written legislation.

He currently sits as a judge on Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal and has also taught constitutional law classes, written articles for legal journals and newspapers and lived in Coral Gables with his wife and two children, enjoying bowling and reading in his free time as a member of Good Samaritan Hospice.

Professional Career

Thomas Logue boasts an impressive resume. As an attorney with extensive trial and appellate court experience in both federal and Florida state jurisdictions, as well as appearing before numerous federal and state administrative boards and being recognized with a Martindale-Hubbell AV rating from peers, Thomas has achieved great professional success.

Huntingdon High School graduate John Egan attended Robert Morris College before later joining the Huntingdon Police Department and earning a degree in Philosophy and World Religions from Juniata College.

Thomas Logue is an esteemed Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney with extensive experience handling federal court cases. Committed to meeting his clients’ ever-evolving needs and providing them with top-tier representation, Thomas has been practicing law since 2009 in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well as before the U.S. District Courts for Western/Northern/Southern districts of PA/West VIRGINIA/SW VA.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Logue has garnered numerous honors and awards over his lifetime. After graduating from Huntingdon High School and attending Robert Morris College, he joined the Florida Bar Association, serving on various committees. Furthermore, Thomas received several awards for community service while making generous donations to numerous local charities and organizations.

Thomas Logue is also an attentive father and husband, having been married to Joyce Wilson for over 35 years and raising three children together.

He is an esteemed educator; many of his students have been recognized for their academic and artistic achievements. To develop students into strong team players with good decision making skills. Through teaching the Mount Vernon Mind curriculum he emphasizes four core skills – Collaborator, Creative Thinker, Ethical Decision Maker and Communicator.

Personal Life

Thomas Logue has served as a judge of Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal since 2012. He has taught jurisdiction at Florida’s Appellate Judges College and lectured extensively to law students, high school classes and community forums on this topic. Furthermore, Thomas serves on Governor Rick Scott’s Ad Valorem Tax Task Force and chaired various Dade County Bar Association committees.

Gettysburg, Northern Exposure and The X-Files were among his notable films and shows, while he starred as a regular on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit from 2014 until 2019. Additionally, Terriers featured him prominently.

FINRA initiated an investigation against him for potential violations of federal securities laws and regulations. After refusing to give on-the-record testimony for their probe, he was barred from the securities industry.

Net Worth

Mr. Murphy has appeared in over 40 movies and TV shows, such as Captain Ellis Spear in Gettysburg, actor Judd Bromell on Northern Exposure, and playing an agent in an episode of The X-Files. Additionally, he maintains homes both in Los Angeles and Oregon while making frequent trips back home to Killarney, Ireland.

Zach Logue’s net worth consists of baseball playing income and endorsements acquired throughout his career to date. Additionally, he makes money through other activities such as real estate investment and acting roles.

Since 2011, he has been employed at American Independent Securities Group, LLC as a stockbroker. To date he has completed 16 trades of Booz Allen Hamilton Corp shares and owned 72,000 units on 13 June 2018, representing an estimated net worth of $41.6 Million.

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