Thomas Mesereau

Thomas Mesereau is best known as Michael Jackson’s attorney during his trial for child molestation charges. After graduating from Harvard University with high honors and London School of Economics with distinction before attending UC Hastings College of Law – now working for Mesereau Law Group in Los Angeles, California.

He has received multiple accolades, such as Barbara Walters recognizing him as one of her “Ten Most Fascinating People”, and was named Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year by Legal Times magazine.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Mesereau was born in West Point, New York in 1950. He received his undergraduate education at Harvard, followed by graduate studies at London School of Economics and finally law studies from University of California Hastings College of the Law.

After working as a lawyer for several years, he quickly discovered his true calling: criminal defense. Now running his own practice in Los Angeles specializing in fighting on behalf of underprivileged clients, as well as hosting legal clinics and performing pro bono work in the Deep South where he typically defends an average of one capital murder case annually, his passion and career are known for fighting on their behalf.

Mesereau has represented several high-profile clients, such as actor Robert Blake, Mike Tyson (whose rape charges were dismissed), newsreader Larry Carroll and an ex-member of Symbionese Liberation Army. Furthermore, Mesereau has secured three white-collar jury victories in federal court.

Professional Career

Thomas Mesereau has become renowned for his work in high-profile cases. His ability to engage jurors and effectively present their client’s side of the narrative has resulted in multiple acquittals across many different cases.

His clients span from wealthy real estate developers facing mortgage fraud charges to violent gangbangers in grisly murder cases. No matter if it involves representing a celebrity during high-profile trials or representing physicians before the Medical Board – always placing his clients’ best interests first.

Mesereau is also an avid supporter of pro bono legal services. He founded a legal clinic and travels annually to the Deep South to defend one capital murder case. Additionally, Mesereau serves as President of Litigation Counsel of America.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Mesereau is an acclaimed criminal defense attorney, having received many prestigious awards. As an active contributor to legal publications and writing numerous articles ranging from successful courtroom strategies to cross examination techniques.

He is widely respected for his representation in high-profile cases, such as Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial (and subsequent dismissal from all charges) as well as Marion “Suge” Knight who was accused of running over two men and killing one.

Mesereau stands out among his colleagues as an attorney with his fearlessness and strategic brilliance in courtroom battles, not to mention his charitable and philanthropic activities; many organizations have honored him and advocated for pro bono legal services as a result of these endeavors.

Personal Life

Thomas Mesereau has an extraordinary dedication to pro bono volunteer legal work. He founded a free legal clinic in Los Angeles and travels frequently to the Deep South where he typically defends one capital murder case per year for poor defendants who cannot afford legal representation.

Mesereau made headlines nationwide with his acquittal of Michael Jackson from 14 charges related to child molestation in 2005, making him a sought-after celebrity defense attorney representing high-profile stars like Robert Blake as well as lesser-known ones like Mike Tyson and Suge Knight.

He enjoys the challenges presented by white collar jury trials and representing physicians and health care practitioners before California’s Medical Board, but his greatest fulfillment comes from volunteer work he undertakes. In particular, he takes great pride in not having had one client executed whom he represented for death penalty cases.

Net Worth

Thomas Mesereau amassed a net worth of $25 Million through his successful career as a criminal defense attorney, representing high-profile clients such as Michael Jackson and Robert Blake. Known for his aggressive courtroom presence, Thomas Mesereau secured numerous large settlements and verdicts for his clients during this time.

He is also an accomplished author, having published several legal textbooks. These cover a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from medical board trials to white-collar crimes and are regularly featured on television talk programs nationwide.

Mesereau was born in West Point, New York and went on to attend Harvard University, the London School of Economics, and UC Hastings College of Law. He became well-known for defending Michael Jackson against child molestation allegations during 2005’s trial; among other high profile cases.

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