Thomas Oakberg

Thomas Oakberg

Thomas Oakberg is an esteemed educator known for his groundbreaking work in math and health science education. His efforts in these areas earned numerous awards and honors and were noted for their groundbreaking approaches. Furthermore, Thomas wrote several books under various variations of his name. Thomas can often be found under different variations when searching public records.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Oakberg attended Great Falls College and reported an annual income of $50,298 based on public records. This salary is 154 percent above average and 1,041% more than median salaries at Great Falls College.

Oakberg’s work focused on learning and development in early childhood. He often gave talks on topics related to early experience, brain development and the effects of psychosocial deprivation on later behavior in children.

He has presented his research on cognitive bias modification, information processing and social buffering.

He participated in several teaching initiatives to promote student success and retention, such as the Math Department Working Group, Health Care Career Fair, Parent Night and Science Faculty Committee. He is survived by his wife Bonnie as well as several nieces and cousins.

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