Thomas Piazza

Thomas Piazza

Thomas Piazza has been practicing general internal medicine for more than two decades and is affiliated with multiple hospitals throughout his area of practice.

Piazza was another term to indicate the interdependence of architecture and gardens during the 18th and 19th centuries, appearing on plantations houses as well as Gothic revival suburban cottages from Massachusetts down to Mississippi.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Piazza was raised in Norristown, Pennsylvania as the eldest of five children. His household stressed family values and hard work. Thomas credits his parents with instilling within him the importance of always giving one’s best effort in all endeavors.

Piazza was an avid sports enthusiast and dedicated catcher for the Dodgers from 1987-1997, earning 12 All-Star selections and placing in the top five in NL MVP voting four times.

Jerry A. Pia of Stamford established and ran his tailor shop since 1916 with the help of three sons, Jerry A. Pia being one of them. Due to its exceptional craftsmanship, Jerry attracted customers such as Raymond Loewy – designer of airplanes, trains, cars, furniture, cookware fabrics appliances jukeboxes and the Coca-Cola bottle among many other designs – to his shop.

Professional Career

Piazza was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers after playing first base at college, but later traded to the New York Mets where he would go on to be one of MLB’s premier catchers – his number has even been retired by his new team.

Piazza has published widely in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national conferences. He currently sits on the editorial boards for Counseling and Values and Essential Psychopharmacology; additionally he frequently speaks at annual conventions of APA, ACES, and ACA.

Vincent Piazza is best-known for his portrayal of Lucky Luciano on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire series and, later on, Earl Hefner in Rocket Science (2007) and Tommy DeVito from Clint Eastwood’s film adaptation of Jersey Boys (2014).

Achievement and Honors

Piazza was a four-time All-Star, winning two Silver Slugger awards as a catcher and twice placing in the top five of NL MVP voting. Additionally, he was an integral component of Oakland A’s championship teams in 1997 and 1998.

He was also a prolific author, publishing 12 works. These included novels such as The Auburn Conference and City of Refuge and post-Katrina manifesto Why New Orleans Matters. Additionally, his writing appeared in publications such as The New York Times Bookforum Oxford American and Columbia Journalism Review.

Piazza was an active volunteer firefighter at North Greece Fire Department for many years and held positions of Lieutenant, Captain, District Fire Commissioner and Fire Chief. Additionally he was an esteemed teacher of baseball fundamentals as well as community booster.

Personal Life

Piazza was raised in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania where he spent much of his childhood focused on baseball. Vince took him with him to watch Philadelphia Phillies games while also studying legendary catcher Mike Schmidt as an example for learning the sport.

Piazza was an ideal fit in the baseball culture of the 1990s, which featured big, muscular hitters who hit towering home runs. He earned National League Rookie of the Year status in 1993 before going on to become one of its premier catchers.

Piazza was also employed as a loan officer at Tucson Mortgage, where he was accused of defrauding novice investors and straw buyers out of millions in fraudulent rent-to-own mortgages. These allegations eventually resulted in an out-of-court settlement. Piazza was one of the last players to play at Shea Stadium before its closure.

Net Worth

Piazza’s name will forever be associated with the inaugural professional baseball game played after September 11 terrorist attacks, when he hit an unforgettable go-ahead homer during the eighth inning. That home run remains one of the greatest moments in Mets history.

Piazza is a resident of New Orleans and an accomplished writer, having written several books including City Of Refuge and his post-Katrina manifesto Why New Orleans Matters. Additionally, he served as principal writer on HBO series TREME as well as writing the screenplay for Rocket Science film.

Piazza is also an actor, having appeared in three episodes of The Sopranos on television and more recently being seen in Jersey Boys as well.

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