Thomas Pitz

Joseph Pitz was born on month day 1855 and died on month day 1912 at his birthplace.

He is an esteemed scholar in the intersection between strategy and entrepreneurship, with particular expertise on how diverse knowledge structures can combine to produce innovative solutions and systemic transformation.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Pitz was raised in Buffalo, New York. He attended Sacred Heart Academy and Jean Summers Business School before working as a salesman for John Deere Corporation of Sioux Falls, South Dakota as a salesperson and providing care for both parents.

He was extremely generous throughout his life, caring for many and serving on various local boards and committees. His dedication and generosity towards community service made an impressionable impression upon those around him.

He currently resides at 1603 Rhomberg Avenue in Dubuque, Iowa and attends Catholic Mass regularly with two siblings and is also active with American Legion and Meals on Wheels in Oelwein as a volunteer.

Professional Career

Thomas Pitz has an extensive professional career spanning over a decade. He has played professionally in Europe, Asia and the US; earning multiple MVP awards. Beyond playing professionally he has also been engaged in coaching and consulting activities.

Pitz is an expert in strategic management and entrepreneurship, having published multiple academic articles on topics like absorptive capacity, entrepreneurial boundary conditions in constrained markets, and micro foundations of collective entrepreneurship.

He holds a Ph.D from New Mexico State University. His research interests span an interdisciplinary application of Analytic Philosophy, Game Theory and Experimental Economics; working projects related to geopolitical crises analysis; conflict scenarios research; human traffic behavior analyses and more at several universities around the world.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Pitz has been portraying Thomas Jefferson since 1987 and considers it an honor to bring America’s fourth president back to life. Additionally, he has written several historical books.

He researches at the intersection of strategy and entrepreneurship. His primary interest lies in investigating how firms can build and sustain a culture of innovation within their organizations, while simultaneously studying how different knowledge structures may coalesce to produce innovative solutions and systemic change.

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Personal Life

At family gatherings, Pitz often played cards with his relatives – Solitaire and 21-31 were particular favorites of his and always resulted in maximum points per round. Additionally, he loved country and western music and Johnny Cash.

Thomas initially signed with Triangle Pictures with hopes of landing more serious roles, and soon found success as seen through her performances in Madcap Madge, Indiscreet Corrine, Limousine Life and Toton the Apache.

Thomas Pitz currently resides at 1603 Rhomberg Avenue in Dubuque, Iowa and was previously located at 620 Cedrick Ln Stone Mountain GA 30087 as well as 318 Windrush Boulevard Apt 12 in Indian Rocks Beach FL 33785. Additionally he belongs to Christ United Presbyterian Church Oelwein Iowa as well as Ross Reid American Legion Post # 9 as well as volunteering with Meals on Wheels program in his area.

Net Worth

Thomas Pitz reportedly holds a net worth of $10 Million. Known for making prank phone calls and being the nephew of comedian Steve Harvey, Pitz boasts an extensive resume. Married twice and father to one daughter. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Pitz testified she was manic when filing post-June 25th charges; six and half months after this she filed bankruptcy citing factors like large numbers of charges on one day as well as poor financial condition at that time as being against her in Dougherty case against her; this resulted in more charges being made against her, filing multiple charges on one day as well as her poor financial condition at that time weighing against her against her.

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