Thomas Rhett No Beard

Thomas Rhett Has a New Haircut and No Beard

Those who are fans of country music will probably know that Thomas Rhett has been shaving his beard recently. This is an interesting move to make, and the artist has also revealed that he has a new song that’s been inspired by the change.

Songwriting career

Known as one of the genre’s bright new storytellers, Thomas Rhett has mastered the art of blending country and pop music with a splash of R&B. Whether it’s a wistful love ballad or a catchy upbeat dance track, Thomas Rhett has a knack for crafting songs that tug at the heartstrings. In fact, he has tallied seventeen No. 1 hits over the last nine years.

Thomas Rhett’s songwriting career began at an early age. At age 17, he began writing lyrics with his father, Rhett Akins, a well-known country singer. Thomas has a knack for writing lyrics that reflect on his life. His songs are honest reflections on dating, fatherhood, and life in general.

Rhett’s career began to flourish when he released songs about his life. His first single, “It Goes Like This,” soared to the top of the Billboard country airplay chart. He followed it up with another number one single, “Die a Happy Man.”

Thomas Rhett’s second single, “Beer With Jesus,” also became a hit on the Billboard country airplay chart. The song was about a relationship that ended. However, it also showed Rhett’s ability to tug at heartstrings.

Shaved off his beard

Despite his medically unfit state, Thomas Rhett has been busy staying home and spending quality time with his family. He even managed to shave off his signature facial hair and share a photo of it on social media. While he’s not likely to return to the road anytime soon, he did manage to reschedule his Center Point Road Tour dates on March 26.

In fact, Thomas Rhett has been known to sport a large beard, so he was probably not the first person to get a buzz trim. However, his signature beard is a far cry from what the good ol’ boy rock stars of the ’90s wore. In fact, Kenny Rogers had the manliest beard in facial hair history.

In fact, the most recent tidbit that we’ve come across is that Thomas Rhett actually shaved his signature facial hair off and trimmed his beard – not exactly the same. A quick perusal of his Instagram feed reveals that he’s spent the last five years sporting a thick goatee, and that he may be ready to get back out on the road again soon.

New song

During the recent coronavirus pandemic, Thomas Rhett changed his look and shaved off his beard. During his shave, he looked 10 years younger and had a clean-shaven look.

The 26-year-old singer, who was born in Valdosta, Georgia, has become well-known for his good looks and suave appearance. He is also a father of two daughters and has two half-brothers who are younger than him. However, the star has kept busy, writing music during his quarantine.

Recently, Thomas Rhett released a new song titled “Be a Light” with Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum. The track also features Keith Urban and Chris Tomlin. The song is a part of his ongoing series of music releases.

While Thomas Rhett is busy writing new music, he has also been spending time with his family. The singer and his wife, Lauren Akins, have been staying in Tennessee during their quarantine. He has also been taking part in Disney’s Singalong show.

Musical inspirations

Getting a new haircut and no beard have been big things in the music industry this year, and Thomas Rhett is not immune to them. Thomas Rhett recently unveiled his new look via Instagram. His music and his style is not new, though. In fact, Thomas Rhett was the first country star to be on the Billboard 200 when he was released in 2013.

The singer-songwriter’s first major release was It Goes Like This in 2013. The title track reached the top of the country airplay charts and became Rhett’s first number one single. The song also got him nominated for male vocalist of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

His sophomore album, Tangled Up, featured a number of R&B-inspired songs. The song “Drink a Little Beer” featured Akins, and “Star of the Show” was a hit in 2017 with Rhett’s father as co-writer.

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