Thomas Schoenbein

Thomas Schoenbein, a Real Estate Agent, is Running For City Council in District H

Thomas Schoenbein is a two-term councilman representing District H who has prioritized upgrading city infrastructure during his two terms in office. He faces off against an experienced law enforcement officer seeking competitive wages for city workers in their bid to regain office.

In 1845, Schonbein accidentally spilled a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acids on his wife’s cotton apron and accidentally created guncotton powder – an invisible smokeless propellant capable of propelling cannons and small arms in battle.

Professional Career

Thomas Schoenbein is a real estate agent elected to represent District H of Pasadena City Council for two terms, beginning in 2019. His current term ends in 2023. Schoenbein faces off against Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey in a race featuring six of eight council seats and mayor, including six contests this time around. Schoenbein has noted the need to upgrade infrastructure – such as its convention center – while studying possible rebuilds or remodelings of other city buildings. Schoenbein is married with two children and five grandchildren plus brother/sister relationships – living all within Pasadena city limits.

Personal Life

He is a member of Sagemont Church in Houston. Additionally, he has two children- a son and daughter-as well as four grandchildren- and is currently serving his fourth term on the City Council.

He intends to modernize infrastructure, such as updating the convention center. Furthermore, he wants to investigate opportunities for rebuilding or remodeling other city buildings such as the police academy.

Schoenbein will face Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey in the May 1 election for six City Council positions and mayor. Due to Freeport’s current financial turmoil, this election is being closely observed.

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