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Tom Sherwood

Tom Sherwood is the author of multiple books. In addition, he authored 120 technical papers and numerous editorials or nontechnical papers.

He has extensive experience representing developers and municipalities in land use, real estate, lending and leasing matters as well as serving as both trial lawyer and judge.

He has become known for asking difficult questions of politicians and bureaucrats.

Early Life and Education

Sherwood graduated from the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign and currently performs with The Cleveland Orchestra’s percussion section and coaches the CIM Percussion Ensemble.

He was a man of true merit, unassuming yet dignified in manner, possessing both extraordinary legal knowledge and an iron will. He exceeded even the fondest hopes of his friends, deserving all the honors bestowed upon him fairly.

Sherwood married twice. His first marriage, Alice Tiler, died in 1638 and later, Mary Fitch (whose surname has been misidentified in some older references as Fitch), but this error may have originated with the 1889 History of Fairfield published by Charles Willson Mercer whose family tree included this mistaken identification as Mary Fitch in its tree of Fairfield families. Although Mary Onge may have been his second spouse when he arrived in New England as passenger on Francis ship during 1634 voyage.

Professional Career

Sherwood has extensive experience representing clients in financing transactions relating to property acquisition, development and disposition as well as loan workouts and foreclosures. Additionally, he provides comprehensive real estate litigation services including lease disputes, property tax appeals and construction litigation.

As an expert witness in federal and state court proceedings, Mr. Schlichting specializes in representing lenders in commercial real estate foreclosure proceedings as well as lender liability claims.

Sherwood serves both in his private practice and with Kojo Nnamdi’s weekly political show The Politics Hour on WAMU as co-host. Additionally, he is the author of Dream City: The Birth of Home Rule in Washington D.C. Sherwood has appeared on many national and local television and radio programs and holds membership with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Achievement and Honors

Sherwood’s research and applied engineering contributions were widely recognized. As one of America’s premier chemical engineers, he had a profound effect on shaping its development over decades.

He was also an honorary member of both the National Academy of Sciences and American Chemical Society, receiving among other accolades the U.S. Medal of Merit as well as other awards and distinctions.

Sherwood excelled academically as well as on the percussion. He played with both the Cleveland Orchestra and Atlanta Symphony, in addition to numerous musical performances as a guest artist.

Sherwood is an attentive husband, father and grandfather with two children and five grandchildren to call his own. An avid tennis player himself, Sherwood also enjoys public affairs journalism as he advocates on behalf of writers’ rights – having written numerous publications himself.

Personal Life

He was a man of impeccable character and lofty ideals, emerging from humble roots to become an effective friend and aid to all those he met. Devoted from day one to his profession of law, his arguments were always marked by care, research, skill and knowledge that few could match.

Sherwood was also an accomplished artist, known for his paintings and sketches. He often appeared as a political analyst on radio shows like Kojo Nnamdi Show on Fridays; Dream City is his book on DC history written for publication as well. This collection contains three series: Documents & Correspondence; Civil War Memorabilia and Photographs/Paintings.

Net Worth

He boasts a net worth of $1 Million. With extensive experience in real estate transfers, leases, redevelopments and distressed debt transactions – particularly representing lenders, borrowers and investors in structuring new financing arrangements for acquisitions, development or disposition projects as well as loan workouts – he specializes in distressed debt transactions and provides expert representation for lenders, borrowers and investors.

Mary Sherwood served as an important witness during the trials of Goodwife Knapp, accompanying her to the gallows after her death and helping prevent any desecration of her remains. After leaving Ipswich in Suffolk County England for Wethersfield Connecticut (via ship), his family spent several years there before heading west – another document has details and pictures from this period; there was previously an error regarding Alice Seabrook being his first wife; this mistake has since been rectified.

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