Thomas Shrader

Thomas Shrader

Thomas Shrader was an inspiring teacher who could make complex doctrine accessible and applicable in everyday life, leaving an imprintful mark in many lives at Redemption Gilbert.

FSU Football added Thomas Shrader from Venice High School as part of its 2020 recruiting class. Shrader chose FSU over Louisville, Boston College and USF.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Shrader was born in Wytheville, West Virginia and later lived and studied in Tucson. While at university he earned a bachelor of agricultural science and joined Gamma Sigma Delta’s agricultural science honor society – contributing funds towards battlefield preservation efforts as well as helping Emmaus Catholic Parish of Lakeway Texas.

He was an ardent Hawkeyes supporter and was passionate about sharing his faith. As a family man with one son and many close friends, he was very generous, donating many scientific journals to international institutes as a very generous gesture. Additionally, he enjoyed reading voraciously – specifically Jack London novels, Civil War references, Southwestern mountain biology/history books as well as American and international sports articles were his favorites!

Professional Career

Tom Schrader is a professional meteorologist for KX News. Since joining in 1997, he has been part of an exceptional news team which has not been defeated in ratings battles.

As a writer for both film and television, his credits include Taxi Driver’s screenplay which was later turned into an Academy Award-winning movie by Martin Scorsese; Raging Bull; The Last Temptation of Christ and Bringing Out the Dead among others.

He advises nonprofit organizations and foundations on all legal matters they encounter, from entity selection and structuring decisions to formations and dissolutions as well as mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations transactions. Furthermore, he oversees tax qualification compliance for various forms of tax-exempt entities.

Achievement and Honors

Tom was an outstanding Christian servant who tirelessly served his church and family, possessing the uncanny ability to bring the truth into everyday life. We mourn his passing while celebrating his return to Jesus. Tom leaves behind his beloved wife Sandy; daughters Sarah and Hayley; son-in-law Tyler and Tim as well as six grandchildren including Braden, Gracie Yale Reagan Brooklyn Harmony McKinli as well as many friends.

Schrader was met with wide critical acclaim for First Reformed, his drama featuring Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac that premiered at Venice Film Festival and went on to earn him an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Franklin College hosted its spring honors convocation on April 28, 2022, awarding merit awards and scholarships based on students’ achievements during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Personal Life

Thomas Shrader has been married since 1994 and is survived by two children, along with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He is passionate about Hawkeye football and strives to reflect Christ’s love into everyone he comes in contact with.

The district court held a thorough sentencing hearing and carefully considered all evidence and arguments presented at sentencing hearing, before arriving at its decision that Shrader should receive 235 months imprisonment for her crimes in this case. We affirm the district court’s determination that counts One and Two of the Second Superseding Indictment are not repetitious – proof must exist that Shrader placed D.S. in fear while on Count Two evidence must show she also put R.S. at risk in order for them to be found guilty on either count.

Net Worth

He has built up an impressive fortune through his acting career. Known for roles such as Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, among many others.

As a screenwriter, he has contributed his skillful rewrites to films like Natural Born Killers and Chinatown. One such script that caused bidding wars ended up being purchased by Sydney Pollack who directed it.

Hanger Inc and Becton Dickinson & Co shareholdings totalling more than $2 Million are in his name currently, as indicated in Form 4 filings. Please refer to these documents for more details of his trading activity and ownership.

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