Thomas Storck

Thomas Storck

Thomas Storck has earned international renown as an exponent of Catholic social teaching, having published extensively over time. He is the author of many works such as The Catholic Milieu (Christendom Press 1987), Foundations of a Catholic Political Order, Christendom and the West and From Christendom to Americanism and Beyond.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Storck is a contributing editor to New Oxford Review and sits on its editorial board, The Chesterton Review. Since the early 1980s he has written extensively on Catholic social teaching and Catholic culture. Since 1985 he has taught history at Christendom College in Front Royal Virginia and philosophy at Mount Aloysius College Cresson Pennsylvania while receiving both undergraduate and master’s degrees from Kenyon College (Ohio) as well as St. John’s College Santa Fe New Mexico (USA).

This website is dedicated to furthering Catholic social teaching across its full scope and depth. Its primary goal is fostering an enlightened economic perspective which acknowledges that human relationships determine economic activity outcomes more so than mere material consequences.

Professional Career

Thomas Storck has written extensively on Catholic social teaching and related theological and philosophical topics, publishing seven books that span Catholic social doctrine to mysticism or logos?. These include Foundations of a Catholic Political Order (Four Faces Press; now available here on this website), The Catholic Milieu, Christendom and the West, From Christendom to Americanism and Beyond, An Economics of Justice and Charity as well as Seeing the World Through Catholic Eyes – to name just some!

He serves as contributing editor of the New Oxford Review and sits on the editorial board of The Chesterton Review. Additionally, he advocates for Distributism–an economic philosophy grounded in Catholic social teaching promoted by G.K. Chesterton–and often contributes to Tradistae podcast. Furthermore, his broad practice encompasses representing corporations, private equity firms and individuals in complex business transactions, commercial litigation matters and employment law matters.

Personal Life

Thomas Storck is well known for his expertise on Catholic social teaching and distributism, having written on these subjects for decades and serving as a contributing editor for the New Oxford Review. Additionally, he teaches history at Christendom College in Front Royal Virginia as well as philosophy at Mt Aloysius College Cresson Pennsylvania where his wife Inez attends church regularly with Thomas.

Storck offers a wealth of ideas from Richard Tawney’s Religion and the Spirit of Capitalism and Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism as well as Catholic intellectuals like Chesterton and Belloc. By understanding the beliefs that motivated men throughout history, Storck can analyze when and why historical events take place.

Net Worth

Ruben Storck, best known for his role in The Peppercorns, boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million and is known for his height, age, family life and career achievements.

Storck reprises Aristotle’s teleological argument that states (polis) pursue greater ends by ordaining certain ends for its subjects and ordaining someone to govern it, leading them towards greater ends that require someone to rule them over. Thus political institutions are found “always” within human society and are thus natural. Unfortunately this Hellenic assumption creates an ambiguity between state and society which Storck handles quickly by lumping together diverse practices over time as “state,” seemingly emphasizing their naturalness alongside an assertion that states exist as natural entities.

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