thomas strawbridge

Tom Strawbridge is a Doctor, Engineer, and Environmental Conservationist

Renovation can be challenging enough without constant surveillance from reality television crews, but under pressure with a hammer in hand it becomes even more stressful.

Thomas Strawbridge is an attorney who has successfully represented clients in a range of litigation matters, such as constitutional law, financial and securities regulation, complex commercial disputes and environmental laws. Additionally, he clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as well as numerous federal appeals court judges.

Early Life and Education

Strawbridge has long been an active part of media. He has served as host on several programs such as BBC’s Beat the Ancestors and Channel 5’s Trainspotting Live, among many others.

Strawbridge made two appearances on BBC Two series Coast in 2006 to explore the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge’s operation and, again, in 2007 when exploring Normandy’s landing beaches.

He has participated in various environmental projects that aim to care for our planet, advocating sustainable living as part of his commitment to family life and career success. It is testament to his hard work that his career remains successfully balanced between home life and professional duties – a true mark of dedication!

Professional Career

Tom Strawbridge is a member of several prominent professional bodies, such as the Philadelphia County Medical Society and Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. Additionally, he serves as delegate to both American and German Ophthalmological Societies.

As a presenter for BBC Radio 4’s Coast programme and as resident scientist on Geronimo! in 2005, he has also presented one-off episodes of Junkyard Mega Wars documentary program for BBC.

James is an advocate of self-sufficiency and has written books on this topic. Together with his father he offers courses at Newhouse Farm on subjects like zero waste vegetable cookery, solar power engineering and harnessing wind and water power; their work was recently featured on Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau show.

Achievement and Honors

Follow your dreams is one of the best things anyone can do; they become highly productive and create lives filled with meaning. James Strawbridge is no exception as he has made following his passion a successful career path; now branching out into environmental conservation while building his brand name.

James has also appeared in several TV shows. His most renowned appearance to date has been Escape to the Chateau, which follows his family as they renovate a 19th-century French home he owns with wife Veronica. Unfortunately, however, Channel 4 decided not to renew their contract and cancelled it soon thereafter.

James and his family have invested in eco-projects such as solar panels, wind turbines, ram pumps and compost loos at Newhouse Farm. Additionally, they host courses offering self-sufficiency advice.

Personal Life

He is a champion for environmental conservation, having taken part in various projects to preserve our planet. Additionally, he believes that sustainable living is the way of the future.

Strawbridge has made appearances on popular TV shows Coast, exploring the Normandy landing beaches; Scrapheap Challenge (team captain for Junkyard Mega-Wars); and Scrapheap Challenge as team captain on Junkyard Mega-Wars. He has written books on traditional skills, crafts and food preservation.

James has a family that includes his wife and two children; daughter Arrietty Branwyn is called Eden; they reside in Cornwall. James can often be seen sharing pictures of his family on social media; they love spending time at their beach house near Fowey in Cornwall.

Net Worth

Strawbridge stands out as an individual with both professional and artistic talents who has turned them into lucrative streams of income, such as engineering, television presenting and environmental activism. He has established himself in each field.

He currently holds the position of client administration manager at PraxisIFM Trust (Guernsey) with over 16 years of industry experience, 12 of them within PraxisIFM Trust (Guernsey). Most recently he was recognized with Eprivateclient’s Channel Islands Top 35 Under 35 private client professionals award and is a member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Brigit and he reside in a 19th century chateau in France and earn income through property rentals as well as blogging on their website. Both are well known for living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same.

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