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Thomas Staub – Celebrity DJ and Founder of Transparent Communication

Full transparency is the only effective way to combat hidden corruption and thus underlies the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that billionaires may spend unlimited funds in American politics.

Thomas has long held that laws requiring disclosure and reporting violated his First Amendment rights.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born in Louisville, Kentucky and received an education at Transylvania University. As an artillerist in the Mexican-American War – fighting alongside future Civil War general Braxton Bragg – Thomas later taught at United States Military Academy (now West Point).

He has long held that laws requiring disclosure of financial entanglements violate his constitutional rights, so his failure to disclose his relationship with Harlan Crow is in keeping with that view. While he claims his oversight was an unwitting mistake, it’s hard to imagine he did not realize he was hiding such an intimate connection to a high-powered conservative donor.

Professional Career

Thomas was an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court for two decades and, during that time, became a champion for free speech and private property rights, advocating a strict reading of the First Amendment as well as opposing laws that require people to disclose financial ties to political opponents as being unconstitutional.

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Achievement and Honors

Thomas is one of the most accomplished DJs in the industry. He has earned numerous accolades and awards, such as Black Radio Exclusive DJ of the Year and being part of three Marconi Excellence in Radio award-winning teams; additionally, he was honored with receiving Omega Si Phi fraternity’s Omega Man of the Year award.

Thomas has also taken an active role in several charitable and community initiatives outside of his work as an on-air host, such as breast cancer research funding and raising AIDS awareness awareness, in addition to raising funds for local schools and community groups. Freeform’s Shadowhunters and Amazon’s Transparent were two big winners at Saturday night’s 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards honoring media that accurately represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in media representations.

Personal Life

Thomas is an instructor of Transparent Communication, a spiritual practice which assists individuals in transitioning from an egocentric worldview towards one that values authentic expression, service, and alignment. He offers workshops, multi-year training programs and online courses in this realm.

As a civic activist, he has created an early warning system that detects local government budget deficits; an online tool for tracking COVID-19 relief spending and transportation infrastructure requirements; as well as an initiative aimed at making State-designated funding more transparent.

He has opposed laws mandating financial disclosure of Supreme Court justices and his failure to disclose his links with conservative donor Harlan Crow fits with his ideological view that people who use money and influence to steer political processes should do so without facing public scrutiny.

Net Worth

Thomas Staub is certainly wealthy. He built his fortune through Aerobics Inc, his family business that manufactured pacemaker treadmills. Thomas initially served as CFO before transitioning into CEO.

He is also a respected media figure who frequently addresses various financial-related topics on TV shows like CBS This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

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