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TMPR Sports – A Review of Pickleball Paddles

TMPR Sports was established in 2018 as a family owned paddle company in Buchanan, Michigan by Doug and Diana Clark with their son Taylor as owners.

TMPR Sports is committed to helping players find the ideal paddle for their skill level and playing style, offering three materials and five shapes from which to select their paddle.

Early Life and Education

Dylan Clark hails from Buchanan, Michigan and currently resides in Niles with his wife and two children. As owner of TMPR Sports in Buchanan, which produces and sells pickleball paddle boards to distribution nationwide and internationally; additionally they host competitive drills clinics to make picking up the game more fun and challenging; one of his favorite parts about being involved with his paddles being used is knowing they came from him!

Taft Matney hails from Mauldin, South Carolina and graduated from the University of South Carolina-Spartanburg. As the Managing Principal of TM Public Relations and Governmental Affairs – an agency which specializes in politics, public affairs, advocacy, media relations, legislative/executive relations as well as strategy & management consulting services – Taft is adept in his native tongue while at University and runs his firm successfully today.

Professional Career

TMPR Sports was established by Doug and Diana Clark of Niles, Michigan in 2018. Since 2018, TMPR has specialized in paddles featuring unique shapes to improve pickleball player performance; one such series being their Ascend LX series designed specifically to appeal to players from tennis or racquetball backgrounds.

TMPR not only offers high-quality paddles, but they also offer professional coaching services with highly experienced coaches to assist customers in perfecting their game. In addition, there is a money-back guarantee in case any purchase doesn’t satisfy.

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Personal Life

TMPR Sports was established in Michigan in 2018 and uses cutting-edge technology to produce pickleball paddles with improved performance. Their paddles feature aerodynamic designs, an anti-vibration handle design, and multiple shapes and series such as Ascend LX and Luxe Series to choose from.

TMPR paddles are very popular throughout the Midwest and beyond, and their customer base continues to expand nationwide and internationally. Their online demo program allows customers to try 10 paddles over two weeks before selecting which is right for them.

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Net Worth

TMPR Sports was established in 2018 and has experienced explosive growth ever since. Now producing five to seven paddles an hour at their Buchanan, Michigan facility.

Initial efforts at the company focused on developing innovative polymer cores; however, upon realizing how shapes could have an even greater effect on performance of pickleball paddles they recognized that shape could also have a greater influence. With this knowledge came unique shapes with handles designed to mitigate vibrations.

TMPR recently unveiled their Luxe series of paddles, including the Ascend LX. This new shape was specifically developed for tennis or racquetball players that require forgiveness, control, and defense – making a paddle from TMPR an indispensable addition for winter visitors to popular snowbird destinations like Florida or Arizona.

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