Torrence Adams

Who Is Torrence Adams?

Torrence Adams is an influential musician and activist renowned for hosting the I’ve Known Rivers Jazz Festival each year at Leimert Park Black Arts Village in Los Angeles. Boasting four-octave vocal range, he has collaborated with artists such as Barbara Morrison, Kamau Daa’ood, and Delfonics among many others.

His murder trial ended in mistrial this month when the police failed to present all evidence on time for consideration by jurors.

Early Life and Education

Adams excelled academically while at Harvard. John Mayhew helped him excel in Latin; additionally he published many essays in Boston newspapers covering social and political topics.

Adams was elected to Congress shortly after war with Britain broke out at Lexington and Concord. Once in Congress, Adams led one of the factions which advocated independence from England.

He served on multiple committees and helped draft the Declaration of Independence. He was an outspoken opponent of British Ministry policies as well as their treatment of American colonists.

Professional Career

Torrence Adams was an expert in carpet textiles throughout his professional career. He owned and managed his own company that focused on carpet enhancement. Due to this expertise, many innovations were developed within the carpet industry under Torrence’s direction.

At Vermont Academy, he played as both Simi Shittu’s set-up guy and primary scorer when she left to attend Vanderbilt for one season. This performance caught the attention of City Rocks AAU program in New York where teams featured players with superior talent such as him.

Defense attorneys commissioned their own autopsy of Adams and have focused on his being shot in the back, citing movies about gunfights and legal codes allowing officers to shoot fleeing persons under certain conditions. Furthermore, they have raised concerns regarding police handling of this case.

Achievement and Honors

Torrence holds the winningest baseball coach record at UCLA with 984-823-7 in nine seasons of coaching baseball there, winning four Pac-10 Conference Championships and making one trip to College World Series.

Torrence also designed album covers for various musicians such as Harry Nilsson, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Canned Heat – as well as owning his own graphic design studio, Kittyhawk Graphics.

In the season finale of “Royal Wedding,” Adam attempts to seduce Dana Waring who works for Alexis at ColbyCo. She initially refuses, but later realizes she and Blake have reconciled.

Torrence serves as Honorary Grand Master in Florida Jurisdiction of Prince Hall Freemasonry and as member of ANTHONY T. STAFFORD MILITARY LODGE No. 16. In that capacity he has held various offices such as Grand Lecturer, Grand Junior Warden and Grand Senior Warden.

Personal Life

Adam is an ambitious lawyer working for his father’s business, ColbyCo. After seducing Dana Waring – his father’s assistant – she becomes incensed, but Adam convinces her of their feelings for each other and convinces her of them being true.

Adam discovers in episode 71 that Kirby (now married to Jeff) is pregnant with his child and uses this information as leverage against Alexis in order to take control of Denver-Carrington.

Thomas McKinney, Adams’ attorney during trial, asserted that Adams was willing to confess without coercion from police officers who heard and transcribed it; nevertheless, his conviction was upheld and will be revisited again in 2018 when charges for murder will likely be upgraded by the District Attorney’s Office.

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