Tubing On The Neuse River

Tubing on the Neuse River

River tubing is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. It offers a chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat. However, you need to be aware of the dangers of being in a moving body of water. Whether you’re tubing on the Neuse River or another river, you need to be prepared for the trip. There are certain precautions to take, including wearing sunscreen and a life vest.

The Neuse River is an important natural resource in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is fed by Falls Lake and flows for nearly 250 miles. Depending on the amount of water released from the lake, the flow of the river will vary. You will need to determine how long your trip will be based on the flow. If the current is slow, you may only be able to float for two to three hours. On the other hand, if the river is flowing fast, you may spend longer on your trip.

There are several different types of river tubes available. Some are designed for easy direction control with a paddle oar. Others are inline raft style floats, which allow you to carry things onboard. There are also inflatables, which are great for shade on the river. You can even get custom high back tubes with a cup holder.

The Neuse River is a popular location for tubing. In addition to being a great place for fun and relaxation, it offers an important link to nature for locals and visitors. When you float down the river, you’ll have an opportunity to interact with wildlife, such as deer, otters, and turkeys. You’ll also see shorebirds, turtles, and turkeys. If you don’t have a lot of experience tubing, you’ll want to make sure to check the river’s daily flow rate online before heading out.

A float plan is essential to your safety. It should include where you’ll be meeting, how you’ll get there, and how long you’ll be on the river. It’s also a good idea to bring along water bottles and a life vest.

If you’re planning on bringing along food, avoid throwing anything into the river. You may also need to put a few food scraps in a plastic bag so you don’t damage the river’s ecosystem. To keep you hydrated, you should carry at least 64 ounces of water with you. Using a floating cooler is also a good idea.

During a river tubing trip, you’ll be in the sun for most of the time. If you’re using a float device, you should reapply sunscreen regularly. For added protection, consider getting an inflatable wing. A wing will help harness the wind and provide more shade. Alternatively, you can also choose an inflatable floating cooler. Having these accessories will make your float more enjoyable and ensure you stay safe.

If you’re tubing on the Neuse, you should always be sure to wear a life vest. The river can be dangerous and you should never go out alone. A friend or family member should always accompany you.

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