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Unni Mukundan – Celebrating His Second Child’s Baptism

Unni Mukundan shared an adorable video from his second child’s baptism ceremony with family and friends.

Oncologists are trained to diagnose and treat all forms of cancer through diagnostic techniques such as biopsies, endoscopies, x-ray imaging tests and laboratory analysis. Furthermore, chemotherapy and radiation can also be utilized as means of killing cancerous cells.

Early Life and Education

Unni Mukundan hails from Irinjalakuda village in Kottayam District and completed his schooling at Pragati Higher Secondary School in Ahmedabad before enrolling himself at Prajyoti Niketan College of Thrissur.

He currently practices at Cancer Specialists of North Florida – Fleming Island in Jacksonville, FL, treating conditions like Gastrointestinal Malabsorption and Bleeding Disorders for many years and accepts multiple insurance plans at his office.

Dexur has recognized him as a top physician for Leukemia based on patient case volume, but he also has experience treating other conditions. With advanced training in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Shahavi works at Baptist Medical Center Beaches, Baptist Medical Center Nassau and Saint Vincent’s Medical Center Southside.

Professional Career

Dr. Unni C Thomas is an accomplished Medical Oncology specialist based out of Jacksonville, FL with over three decades of diverse experience. After attending Madras Medical College and Winthrop University Hospital for his residency program respectively, he established Cancer Specialists of North Florida – Fleming Island to practice and is affiliated with Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville.

Hematologist oncologists specialize in diagnosing, treating and preventing blood diseases like anemia, bleeding & clotting disorders and hematologic malignancies (blood cancers). Additionally, these experts may offer chemotherapy treatments as well as assist patients in managing conditions affecting the bone marrow or lymph nodes such as lymphoma, leukemia or lupus.

He has treated 266 cases of leukemia, making him one of the top physicians nationwide according to Dexur data.

Achievement and Honors

Unni has earned numerous honors and recognition for her work, including being presented the Iowa State University Alumni Outstanding Faculty Award in 2015. Through her leadership and commitment to the University of Iowa campus, Unni has advanced campus initiatives like UI Breast Multidisciplinary Oncology Group.

Dr. Unni C Thomas is an internist doctor of osteopathy who specializes in both hematological and oncological conditions, practicing at Cancer Specialists of North Florida Baptist in Jacksonville.

He is well-known in Malayalam cinema for his roles in movies such as Seedan (2012) and Malikappuram (2022), making his production debut with Meppadiyan and expanding his filmography with some Tamil and Telugu titles.

Personal Life

Unni resides in New York with his wife Sherly and four children, where he enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and playing golf.

Dr. Unni Thomas works at Cancer Specialists of North Florida – Fleming Island in Jacksonville, FL and is affiliated with Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. With over three decades of experience and having graduated from Madras Medical College as well as having completed residency training at Winthrop-University Hospital; Dr. Thomas is certified in Hematology.

He is experienced in treating various conditions such as Gastrointestinal Malabsorption, Bleeding Disorders and Hemochromatosis and has an outstanding patient satisfaction rate. Additionally, he accepts various insurance plans.

Physicians with more experience tend to provide higher-quality outcomes. Compare Dr. Unni Thomas against other U.S. physicians; this information is taken directly from Medicare claims data and regularly updated.

Net Worth

Unni C Thomas, an estimated politician with an estimated net worth between $1 and $6 Million. Their net worth can be determined by adding all their assets and subtracting all liabilities.

Divya Unni, one of the most celebrated actresses in Malayalam cinema, has quickly earned fans’ anticipation in anticipation of her upcoming movies. We take a look at her net worth and source of income.

MediFind uses multiple data sources to help determine a doctor’s experience level and the conditions they treat, but for best results we advise calling their office first before scheduling an appointment. If you would like to reach Dr. Unni Thomas directly you can call them on 4494 Worth Drv S, Jacksonville FL 32207-7543 as listed herein.

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