Unsolved Murders Wilmington Nc

Unsolved Murders in Wilmington, NC

Currently, there are several unsolved murders in Wilmington, North Carolina. Some of the most famous are the murders of Allison Jackson Foy, Pamela Bradshaw and Lisa Valentino. Other names that are currently on the list include Dwain Lee Little and Geoffrey Graham. These murders have sparked a lot of debate amongst the public.

Lisa Valentino

Having lost your sister to an unsolved homicide is a heartbreaking experience. You never know when the unthinkable will happen. Despite the loss, your family will never forget. It’s in this context that Lisa Valentino became a volunteer with the CUE Center for Missing Persons.

The CUE Center for Missing Persons is a nonprofit organization that works to locate missing people nationwide. Its founder is Monica Caison. She has been advocating for families of missing persons for several years. She has been on the forefront of efforts to bring Allison Foy’s case to a conclusion.

The CUE center also partnered with nine pizza restaurants to distribute 4,000 fliers highlighting Allison’s name and face. They also distributed a flier highlighting the Wilmington Police Department.

The flier also cited a statistic that a M-Vac can be used to extract DNA from natural materials. This technology can collect 200 times more DNA than the traditional swabbing method. In addition, samples are cross-referenced with the state’s DNA database of past offenders.

Allison Jackson Foy

Among the unsolved murders in Wilmington, NC is the disappearance of Allison Jackson Foy. She was a 34-year-old mother of two who had been missing for over two years. Her husband reported her missing when she failed to show up at work. Her children were four and twelve at the time. She had moved to Wilmington in early 2005, and she was working as an assistant manager at a hotel. She also was an instructor at her father’s dance studio.

Foy’s family has been traveling to Wilmington, NC every year to push the case forward. They are hopeful that the case will be solved. However, time is against them.

Allison’s family believes that there is only one person who could be responsible for her death. She believed that Timothy Craig Iannone was the culprit. However, Timothy denied being the killer. Iannone was a former Port City cab driver. He had a long criminal history. Despite the evidence, he was never arrested.

Pamela Bradshaw

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the Pamela Bradshaw case, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t given it your due diligence. This case is a little over six years old, and it remains one of Wilmington’s most high-profile crime beats. Although no one’s been charged with the crime, police have yet to make a break with the infamous suspect.

The case hasn’t been closed, but the Bradshaw family have taken the first step in reopening it. This isn’t the first time the family has visited, though, as the family has made numerous trips to Wilmington over the years. Aside from the obvious adulation, the family has also been instrumental in the pursuit of justice. This has been particularly true after the family was shaken to their core by the untimely demise of Christine McVie, Bradshaw’s daughter.

Geoffrey Graham

During the past few years, North Carolina has seen a spate of drug-related violence. One such incident involving a state student who disappeared after a murder in Pittsboro. The case has been reviewed, but nothing has been solved. In fact, the Sheriff’s Office has 11 unsolved homicides on its hands.

The Wilmington Police Department hasn’t released too many details about the case. But the department’s homicide detective, Ken Murphy, wants to get to the bottom of what really happened.

The department has also been keeping tabs on the infamous Henry Louis Wallace, a man dubbed the Taco Bell Strangler, who targeted young black women in Charlotte, NC. One of the most enticing aspects of the investigation is the discovery of unidentified fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

Dwain Lee Little

Several decades ago, an unsolved murder spree occurred in the rural areas of Oregon. The victims were Richard and Belinda Cowden, a married couple with two young children. After a few months, the bodies were discovered in a cave in Applegate, Oregon.

The crime scene was strewn with bullet holes from an assault rifle. Two men and a woman fled the area. It is unclear how they came to the area, and how they managed to leave the area.

The murders occurred in the American wilderness, and the victims were bound to a tree. It is not clear how the bodies were moved.

A miner in the area claimed that Dwain and his parents visited his home in September 1974. He also said that they signed a miner’s guestbook. This is one of the most baffling unsolved murders in Oregon.

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