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Vanna White – Wheel of Fortune’s Co-Star Pat Sajak Retires Next Fall

Vanna White has grown so accustomed to having Pat Sajak be the center of attention on Wheel of Fortune that she’s uncertain what will happen when he steps down as host next fall. Luckily, Vanna signed a contract that keeps her around until at least then.

Vanna knows just who she wants by her side to hold up the puzzle board when needed.

Early Life and Education

Vanna White was born in Conway, South Carolina and participated in the Miss Georgia USA beauty pageant of 1978 before moving to Los Angeles in pursuit of acting and modeling work. While working as a waitress she also got roles in films like Looker and Graduation Day.

In 1982, she auditioned for ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and was chosen as its new hostess and letter-turner. With her remarkable clapping skills and All-American beauty and grace, she immediately became an instant hit on the show.

Pat Sajak and she have shared an enviable onscreen chemistry for decades. She is a staunch supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has raised significant money for it, as well as creating her own line of yarn which benefits this important cause.

Professional Career

Vanna White made her name as a game show host after becoming famous as a model who competed in the Miss Georgia pageant. After auditioning for “Wheel of Fortune” in 1982 and being selected out of 200 applicants as co-host and letter turner.

Over her long career, she has appeared in countless television shows and movies as well as lending her voice for animated TV series like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

She has also participated in various philanthropic activities and donated to various charities. An avid crocheter herself, she has written several books on crochet techniques as well as dedicating a collection of patterns in memory of her grandmother. Prior to leaving due to laryngitis in 2023 she regularly appeared as a guest on The Wendy Williams Show as one of its regular guests.

Achievement and Honors

Vanna has been an iconic face on television since 1982 when the syndicated version of Wheel of Fortune first premiered, serving as both host and hostess for decades of incredible game shows like Wheel of Fortune. Her charisma and charm has cemented her status as a fan favorite and lead to one of the longest running shows in TV history – and millions worldwide still tune in each week to watch her spin the Wheel.

She is also an accomplished singer and author, recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as being television’s “most-frequent clapper”.

Since 2004, Vanna’s Show has allowed viewers to compete to become her replacement. Last year, to commemorate its 30th anniversary, Jeopardy! co-hosts Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings joined Vanna to guess letters alongside Vanna.

Vanna is also an active advocate for various charitable causes; serving as Verizon Literacy Champion alongside NFL players and celebrities to raise awareness about literacy across America.

Personal Life

Anna is an enthusiastic crocheter and mother to two. Her line of yarn, Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand Yarns is dedicated to supporting St Jude Children’s Research Hospital through sales. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple television shows and movies.

She has experienced her fair share of personal life controversies and heartbreak. She was romantically linked with actor John Gibson until his untimely plane crash death; was briefly in a relationship with restaurant owner George Santo Pietro for an unspecified amount of time; has also dated businessman Michael Kaye as well as actor Colby Donaldson.

Anna Speaks’ on-screen chemistry with Pat Sajak earned them the moniker, The Power Couple. Additionally, in 1987 she wrote her autobiography called ‘Vanna Speaks’.

Net Worth

Vanna White is an established actress, entrepreneur and game show host who has made quite the name for herself in her industry. She charges hefty fees to appear on television shows as brand ambassador and generates significant annual income through Wheel of Fortune – her annual earnings also being significant.

She is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $85. million due largely to the income from game shows like The Price Is Right and other ventures she has established herself as an entrepreneur through investments such as real estate and yarn manufacturing.

Although her Wheel of Fortune salary may not compare with Sajak’s, she makes up for it with additional side hustles and investments – authorship, fashion lines etc!

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