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Celebrity Net Worth: Vinnie Teresa

Former Mafia captain Vinnie Teresa weaves together colorful first-person prison anecdotes with background information written by crime journalist Thomas C. Renner in this book.

Following his conviction in the Baltimore stock swindle, Teresa was persuaded by the FBI to provide state’s evidence in multiple trials across Massachusetts and Florida. They provided him with new identity papers, safe house arrangements and round-the-clock protection as he provided testimony at court trials across these states.

Early Life and Education

Teresa was raised in Revere, Massachusetts as the grandson of Sicilian mobster Carmine Valerio Teresa and joined the mob as soon as 1958, eventually rising to lieutenant with Patriarca crime family. Robbing banks, stealing jewels, running nightclubs and working gambling junkets he eventually made money selling stolen securities back onto them he made millions selling stolen securities back onto them for profit.

His criminal associates used the money he borrowed illegally to bribe him into taking on new mob-related businesses, one being one that sold forged and stolen stock and bond certificates – Teresa was then used as an intermediary between those who stole security certificates and those looking to cash them.

He was arrested and convicted for transporting and selling stolen securities, sent to Lewisburg prison where his cellmate were John Gotti and Jimmy Hoffa of the mob.

Professional Career

In the mid-1960s he turned to leading gambling junkets that brought groups of high rollers from across the globe to Las Vegas, Europe and the Caribbean for casinos to lose. These casinos paid him a percentage of what they lost; additionally he began dealing in stolen securities as an intermediary between those who stole stock or bond certificates and buyers who would cash them.

By the time Teresa was released from prison in 1969, he had created two distinct criminal operations. He began leading more gambling trips and trading stolen securities.

Fat Vinnie had become a federal informant eight years before Joseph Valachi made his appearance at the McClellan Hearings and testified at several mob trials which resulted in 50 mobsters’ conviction.

Achievement and Honors

Vinnie Teresa was a mobster in the Boston branch of Raymond Patriarca’s crime family and claimed to be top captain under him. During Prohibition he participated actively in bootlegging business while remaining a Mafia member; when offered membership into La Cosa Nostra he turned it down, as joining would interfere with his criminal activities and owning real estate on Upper East Side; his play Life With Father had the longest non-musical run before it was overtaken by Fiddler on Roof

Personal Life

Vincent Teresa was an influential mobster within Boston-based Patriarca crime family. Operating gambling and fencing rackets before turning government informant, Teresa helped convict Meyer Lansky among other high-ranking gangsters through testimony before several grand juries. His colorful first-person anecdotes are captured in his 1973 book entitled, My Life in the Mafia.”

He claimed he amassed millions of dollars by running nightclubs, fixing horse races, robbing banks and stealing jewelry – among other illegal means – as well as leading gambling junkets for wealthy patrons to Las Vegas, Europe and the Caribbean. Eventually he was caught selling stolen securities for sale to an unscrupulous broker who in 1969 was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment after selling stolen securities that had been purchased illegally – the Feds must have finally had enough! They revoked his cooperation status thereby ending any potential further criminal activities by this criminal enterprise.

Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates her fortune is at US$3 Million; likely due to years spent appearing on popular reality show and other business ventures.

Viola serves as chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange and founder and chairman of Virtu Financial. Additionally, he owns Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League as well as St. Elias Stables where co-owning Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming is part of his portfolio.

His testimony against members of the mob proved instrumental in helping bring about their conviction, as well as clearing up several murders that had long remained unsolved.

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