Vivi-Anne Stein Net Worth

Vivi-Anne Stein has built an impressive net worth since rising to fame on reality show Dance Moms. Additionally, she is an accomplished dancer who has ventured into business by creating her own line of dancewear.

Vivi-Anne was adopted from Guatemala by her mother, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein of Candy Apple’s Dance Center, while her father Mike Stein of Candy Apple’s and an insurance adjuster who owns a beef jerky store respectively.

Early Life and Education

Vivi-Anne Stein is an American dancer, reality TV star and cheerleader who first rose to prominence as one of the stars on Dance Moms. Initially part of Abby Lee Dance Company before leaving to join her mother’s Candy Apples dance studio instead.

As part of her time on the show, she formed close bonds with fellow dancer Mackenzie Ziegler and gained valuable lessons from her. Now off of it all, she maintains an extensive social media following on Instagram while continuing her dancing career.

Her parents, Cathy and Mike Stein, adopted her shortly after her birth in Guatemala and raised her in the United States of America. Her mother owns Candy Apples Dance Center while Mike Stein works as an entrepreneur and insurance adjuster.

Professional Career

Vivi-Anne Stein, better known by her role in Dance Moms reality series, is an American dancer best known for her excellent dancing and role model status for young dancers. Born September 11, 2004 in Guatemala to parents Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and Mike Stein; her mother serves as both dance instructor and studio owner, she became known through Dance Moms reality series as an excellent role model and instructor to young aspiring dancers.

Her success as a dancer, as well as her appearance on ‘Dance Moms,’ helped Vivi-Anne Stein gain notoriety and fortune. Additionally, she made waves online through YouTube where she posts tutorials and vlogs focusing on ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap dancing styles. Furthermore, Vivi-Anne Stein remains close to both of her parents, both insurance adjusters, as well as enjoying cooking and softball in her free time.

Achievement and Honors

Vivi-Anne Stein made her name through appearances in Dance Moms and later as part of Candy Apples’ production of Nutcracker. Since then, she has further developed her dancing abilities while amassing a substantial social media following, sharing videos and lifestyle pictures on various social platforms.

As part of her time on the show, she collaborated closely with the iconic American dancer Mackenzie Ziegler and formed an instantaneous bond. Additionally, she has an avid interest in music and plays the ukulele; an instrument often mistaken for a guitar.

At present, she attends Louisville Ohio-based St. Thomas Aquinas High School where she participates in its cheerleading squad and plans to graduate by 2023. Her mother owns Candy Apples Dance Center while her father works as an insurance adjuster.

Personal Life

Vivi-Anne Stein prefers to focus her energies on her dancing career and making an impactful contribution in the community through philanthropic activities. She’s content with her current status, knowing she will eventually find someone who complements rather than completes her life.

Vivi Anne Stein was born in Guatemala but currently resides in Ohio with her adoptive parents, Mike and Cathy Stein. Mike works as an entrepreneur and insurance adjuster while his mother owns Candy Apples Dance Center owned by Cathy while their father Mike operates an insurance adjuster business.

She currently attends St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Louisville, Ohio where she participates in their cheerleading squad and plans to graduate in 2023. Vivi-Anne enjoys spending her free time with friends as well as visiting New York City where her mom owns a dance studio for lessons.

Net Worth

Vivi-Anne Stein is an emerging dancer who gained popularity thanks to her appearance on Dance Moms reality series. She is well known for her talent and devotion to her craft, earning her a great fan following.

Vivi-Anne Stein is not only an exceptional dancer but she also boasts an active social media presence. On YouTube she provides dance tutorials and vlogs about her life. Her mother, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein is an esteemed dance instructor at Candy Apple Dance Center while Mike Stein works in insurance adjusting.

Vivi-Anne is currently performing in Candy Apple’s Dance Center’s production of “The Nutcracker.” Additionally, she has amassed an enormous following on social media; when not dancing she hopes to pursue medicine.

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