von dutch pink sparkly hat

A Von Dutch Pink Sparkly Hat is a Must-Have for the ’90s and ’00s

Whether you’re looking for an accessory to match your ’90s or ’00s wardrobe, or just want to channel a little retro vibes yourself, this pink sparkly hat is exactly what you need. The hat features a glittery pink front panel and a classic Von Dutch logo patch. The hat also has a white mesh back panel and an adjustable snapback sizing piece to help you achieve the perfect fit.

In the early 2000s, Von Dutch was a major fashion label that captured the spirit of the era’s top stars. It was a casual line of jeans, T-shirts and trucker hats that were coveted by the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

But things quickly went awry for the company when its investors turned on one another, and the brand wound up in debt. By 2001, Von Dutch was more than $600,000 in the hole, and it wasn’t until a Danish former Olympian named Tonny Sorensen took over as CEO that the company began turning around.

He also recruited French designer Christian Audigier to create flashy pieces that caught the eye of celebrities, from sequin baseball caps to patent-leather bowling bags. As a result, Von Dutch’s sales rose, and the brand’s founders—criminals Michael Cassel and Bobby Vaughn—were forced to take a more direct role in running the company.

The story of how this all came to be is a fascinating one. It began in the 1990s, when art collector Ed Boswell bought the rights to use Howard’s name for a clothing line he was developing. He contacted Howard’s daughters and asked for permission to use the brand’s name.

Ultimately, they agreed to do so, but it didn’t come without a price. In the end, a feud between Vaughn and Cassel, combined with overexposure by Hollywood, would leave the brand in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

For a few moments at Drake’s birthday party, Kendall Jenner was the real star of the show — wearing an outfit that gave us all major ’00s-era vibes: a pink sequin Von Dutch trucker cap, paired with a shrunken spaghetti-strap tank and low-rise flared blue jeans. She was spotted leaving the party in the look, and it totally made us wish we could slap a ’90s or ’00s twist on ourselves.

Jenner is definitely a child of the ’00s, so it’s no surprise that she’d go out of her way to recreate a style she loved. But, it’s just as likely that she wore her new hat to honor a certain celebrity whose ’00s style was so on point.

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