wagon jack

A Rare Buggy Jack

Jacks can usually be found in the trunk of a car and serve as a lifting mechanism to lift it slightly off of the ground for use when working on tires. Jack is also used as an umbrella term referring to both men and objects in general; for instance, the famous children’s toy called Jack-in-the-Box comes to mind.

This wagon jack was used to raise Conestoga wagon axles during their travels across America for wheel replacement or repairs as they moved west. Although showing some wear and tear, it remains functional today.

Early Life and Education

Jack was raised in a rural area of Western Montana by parents who worked hard to provide him with every advantage possible. Jack excelled athletically, playing sports. He enjoyed horseback riding and competing in rodeos; even winning several championships for both bareback and saddle bronc riding!

He took great pleasure in riding the train to Kahuku to go pheasant hunting and hiking up to Sacred Falls for hiking adventures in his free time.

Tison Tool Barn does not specialize in wagon-specific items, but does carry wagon jacks – levers used to raise wagon axles enough for wheel removal for maintenance or repair purposes. They consist of long poles fitted with fulcrums at either end and weight at their back ends, providing enough lifting force.

Personal Life

Jack offered to fight for the Confederacy during the Civil War but was prevented due to his age. Instead, he found employment as a railroad engineer for a contractor and quickly earned fame among local farmers for his cattle drives.

On one such trip, Jack came upon a pioneer home that had been broken into by hostile Indians and discovered an infant hiding underneath the floorboards. Jack brought him home and named him Texas Jack.

Jack participated as part of the Virginia City Outlaws theater troupe from May to October 2014 and 2015 in Virginia City, Nevada. Additionally he performs as a Western actor in films and television.

Net Worth

Rare original wooden and iron buggy jack from pioneer days used to lift Conestoga wagon axles for wheel removal or repairs on pioneer expeditions westward. A handle operated a cam that lifted and lowered this item; currently it is in good condition.

American disc jockey Wolfman Jack amassed a net worth of over $1 Million at his death in 1995. He worked at numerous radio stations such as XERF-AM and XERB-AM in Shreveport, Louisiana, while also appearing in several movies such as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, More American Graffiti, Motel Hell, and Galactica 1980. Christian currently owns Tailgail Bar & Grill and Chill Solutions which produces products for food service industry as well as creating Table Jack which mimics vehicle jack designs from 2011.

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