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Jack – A Webcomic by David Hopkins

Jack is a grim reaper in his own universe; murdering someone is punishable by being sent straight to hell; however, there may also be possibilities of reincarnation within this setting.

Jack’s good intentions often end up backfiring horribly; Farrago, for instance, has her memories of allowing Fnar to be raped on her watch erased by Jack.

Early Life and Education

Jack is a webcomic about an Easter rabbit who doubles as the Grim Reaper, featuring adult themes and content that may not be appropriate for younger readers. For some time after its initial debut in 2007, Hopkins took some time off in order to work through certain story arcs before returning with regular weekly installments again.

Jack’s world is one of extreme violence, with most characters dying by murder on an almost regular basis. Murder in this universe is considered an act that leads straight into hellfire regardless of intent, even when done for good reasons.

Hell is home to an assortment of horrendous characters who represent one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins, such as Drip from Lust – who laughs while raping people while also defecating regularly while doing it. Drip’s appearance stands out among these awful figures due to his distinct defecation habit while doing this job.

Professional Career

Jack is a comic that stars a green rabbit who doubles as the Grim Reaper. Most of its stories take place in Hell and may contain graphic scenes that are unsuitable for children.

Jack features an experimental art style, with its creator trying out various artistic approaches before settling on one style as the definitive look for the comic. As such, it reminds of something a high schooler would draw to show off to his friends.

Jack also worked on Spunky Junior Cowboy and Stormwatch Black with Jenny Sparks and Swift during this period.

Achievement and Honors

The comic has won several prestigious awards, such as the Harvey Award for best fan-voted webcomic. Furthermore, they won the CAP Stone award for most significant contribution to expanding and improving graphic story-telling techniques.

This comic takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals. Jack, an old green rabbit who epitomizes Wrath as its representation. Jack serves as Grim Reaper to oversee deaths sent to Hell for their crimes and often finds these deaths unfair and finds himself getting angry when people who didn’t deserve death are sent there.

Other characters in the novel represent personifications of the seven deadly sins and their punishments, including Farrago (Lust), Central (Greed), Drip (Envy), Bob Vorsh, Lisa Vorsh and Bob Vorsh as representations of Pride respectively. Furthermore, all these characters often experience abuse while living.

Personal Life

This comic contains content suitable only for mature audiences, including sexual content, violence and even death. Therefore it may not be suitable for everyone.

Jack’s well-meaning actions often turn out to be disastrously counterintuitive; for instance, when he let Joann witness Hell in order to scare her straight, but she wound up taking her own life anyway.

He often attempts to reform people into heaven by reminding them of long forgotten memories, though this rarely succeeds. Farrago is an exception as she truly desires entering paradise and will do whatever is necessary in order to get there.

Hopkins is open about his dislike of women, which comes across in many of his stories. Lita and other characters such as her are seldom featured; other fetishes such as scat, bestiality and vore can also be found within.

Net Worth

David Hopkins is an immensely wealthy cartoonist. His webcomic Jack is immensely popular and has had several printed volumes published. At times it can become quite NSFW; many furry artists such as Pink Suedeer Skye Bluedeer Mab Gene Catlow Cotton Vinci Arty Arty Silverblue have come and gone from its pages including Pink Suedeer Suedeer Skye Bluedeer Mab Gene Catlow Cotton Vinci Arty Arty Silverblue have all featured. Numerous story arcs on Jack feature characters who symbolize one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins – among the worst being Drip who represents Lust and must wait until an opportunity presents itself to rape female character using visible cords while giving her violent groin attacks upon her victims as punishment – Drip’s punishment against her victim as Drip’s embodiment rat Drip.

The comic’s depictions of sexual misconduct are gratuitous, without much attempt at moderation. The excessive nature of its depictions have generated much debate and have even caused some legal action to be taken against it.

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