Wedela Teen Shoots Rapist

Wedela Teen Shoots Rapist

There was drama in the small town of Wedela, Carletonville, on Saturday night when a young girl came to her mother’s shop and shot the man she claimed was raped her. She then ran home and told her mother what happened. Her mother then told her to go to bed and didn’t trust her.

But the woman’s 15-year-old son was still with her and she didn’t want to leave him alone. The teenager grabbed the rapist’s gun and killed him in front of her. According to police, the suspect was a man between the ages of 25 and 30. He dragged her into the bush and raped her.

The teen then dropped the firearm close to his body. The suspect died of his injuries. After the incident, the girl and her mother made a statement to the local police. However, the girl will not be charged. She will be given counselling for her trauma.

In the meantime, the police in Carletonville have moved to establish a counselling class for the teenage girl. This is according to Captain Eddie Boboko, SAPS spokesperson for the cluster. Those who may have any information about the firearm missing from the scene are asked to contact Boboko.

A woman in the village of Wedela in the West Rand, Carletonville, was attacked by an unknown man on Saturday evening. According to the victim, she was forced into the bush. While in the open veld, she was robbed at a gunpoint by a male who then dragged her into the bushes. She fought back, and the rapist was shot in the head. When she saw his gun on the ground, she grabbed it and fired.

The suspect was allegedly a married father of two. According to the Associated Press, the victim’s identity has yet to be determined. She was a grocery store owner, and her son is a minor. Upon learning of the incident, the victim reported it to her mother, who then called the police.

According to Captain Boboko, the girl was robbed at a gunpoint, and was accompanied by a male friend. During the attack, the attacker demanded the male partner loosen his girl’s private part. Nevertheless, the victim and her male friend managed to escape.

However, the rapist has since been identified. Police are investigating the crime, and have opened an inquest. Meanwhile, the rape victim will undergo counseling. The incident was confirmed by the SAPS on Monday.

Several victims have been reported in the past year to police in South Africa. According to a recent report by the South African Police Service, there are at least 110 rape accusations reported per day. President Cyril Ramphosa has made tackling the scourge of abuse a national priority. Major General Fred Kekana, West Rand District Police Commissioner, has called for men to take responsibility for gender-based violence.

One of the victims is a Black girl who was forced into sex trafficking. Her name is Cyntoia Brown. She went viral after she was sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing Johnny Allen in self-defense.

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