Why A Home Security System Is A Good Investment For New Homeowners

There are many benefits to installing a home security system in your home. These include peace of mind, reduced crime and the reduced cost. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both wireless and hardwired systems.

Peace Of Mind

Investing in a home security system can give you peace of mind. Security is something that people crave, regardless of whether it’s mental or physical. You can feel more secure by having a home security system that prevents break-ins. It will also allow you to remotely monitor your property.

Home security systems will also allow you to monitor your home from any location, eliminating the need for a home security company. You will be able to remotely monitor your home and be notified immediately if there is an emergency. If you are on a tight budget, home security systems can help you save money and energy.

A home security system can offer additional benefits, such as medical sensors and emergency pendants, which can provide assistance in emergencies. These sensors can send alerts to a monitoring service, as well as your household and designated family members if something is wrong. As a house is a complex network of systems, the failure of any one of these systems can prove disastrous.

Reduced Crime

The reduced crime rate is one of the many benefits that home security systems offer. According to security equipment manufacturers, a home with a security system is twice as likely to be burglarized as one without it. The environment also benefits from a decrease in crime rates. Simon Hakim, Temple University professor, said that a home without a security system is twice likely to be broken into.

Home security systems help prevent burglary, fire, and other types of natural disasters. Having a home security system can even save you money on homeowners insurance. If you have a home security system installed, many home insurance companies will offer a discount on your policy. Live streaming cameras on your property can be helpful for checking in on children, pets, and deliveries.


Whether you’re new to home security or are looking to improve your current system, a home security system will add peace of mind to your property. There are many options for packages and add-on equipment offered by security companies. You can get a bare bones system, or opt for sophisticated features such as carbon monoxide detectors and flood and fire-detection systems.

ADT is a well-known brand in home security. ADT has the best professional monitoring network in the nation, making their system a great choice. The cost of a basic home security package from ADT is $850, which includes a 36-month minimum contract. For $100, you can get professional installation the same day.

Hardwired Vs Wireless

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of both wired as well as wireless options when it comes to home security systems. Wired systems are more reliable and are less likely to experience interference, such as network outages. They won’t produce as many false alarms. However, installing a wired system can be a time-consuming task, and if you’re not handy with tools, you may want to consider hiring a professional to install the system.

A wireless home security system can be easily installed and customized. It doesn’t depend on power outages and doesn’t require complicated contracts. You can either monitor it yourself or hire a professional to do so. This system can be configured to suit your needs and is ideal for small and large homes.

Impact On The House’s Value

A home security system is a vital feature of a house. Adding one will not only increase your house’s value, but it will also appeal to prospective buyers. As a bonus, most home security systems also save you money on insurance and moving costs. As a result, they can actually lower your costs by up to 20%.

Appraisers will compare the features of your home to determine its value. Appraisers will consider factors like square footage, location, as well as subjective factors like views and security. A home security system can help you get top dollar when you sell your house.

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