Would She Rather Birthday Game

Bridal Shower Games – Hostesse Meets Motivator

Best in class premium quality 25 bridal shower games on 5×7 card stock paper – easy to write on. Designed to be a tabletop display or handed out during game time (the latter is a better bet). HOSTESS MEETS MOTIVE

signs of an upcoming bridal or baby shower?

Great idea for your next event and a definite crowd pleaser.

The best part is it’s FREE!

The game is easy to print from home, or your local copy center.

Most impressive is the large size, which is easily cut out and glued to your party table.

Using this template and a standard glue stick, you’ll have the best game in no time!

A fun and memorable way to remember the good times.

You’ll be proud of the fact you made a memory last!

Be sure to check out our other unique party games! You’ll be sure to find the perfect mate for you and your guests.

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