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Zeb Wells Net Worth – Who is Zeb Wells?

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Heidi Gardner is best known for her roles on Saturday Night Live and Robot Chicken, where she amassed an immense fortune through acting and writing skills. This article will examine Heidi Gardner’s net worth as of 2023.

Early Life and Education

Heidi Gardner has become an international star through both acting and comedy, amassing an estimated fortune during her career. Gardner recently married comic book writer Zeb Wells who acts as her writing partner.

Wells is a founding member of the Groundlings comedy troupe and had worked on various television shows, co-creating stop motion animated series SuperMansion before starting his writing career at Marvel Comics. He made waves with their irreverent New Warriors limited series as well as contributing key plot threads found throughout Civil War.

He worked on the three monthly Avenging Spider-Man issues, helped relaunch New Mutants and co-wrote two Carnage miniseries with Clayton Crain. Furthermore, he developed an interest in filmmaking through producing short films; currently his first screenplay is being pitched around Hollywood.

Professional Career

Wells first began his comics industry career by creating short films mocking Marvel Comics characters and reality television for a contest hosted by Wizard Magazine. These efforts led to work with Marvel editor Axel Alonso who offered Wells an opportunity to write several Spider-Man titles.

He also contributed to Marvel Comics by writing the New Warriors series and several other properties, and as writer/producer/director for Adult Swim’s animated television show Robot Chicken.

He co-created and directed the stop-motion animated comedy television series SuperMansion, as well as serving as voice actor in several television shows and movies. Furthermore, Gardner is an avid Kansas City Royals and Chiefs fan. Heidi Gardner also writes.

Achievement and Honors

Wells is an impressive writer with an impressive resume, having been nominated for an Emmy and winning an Annie for his work on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken series.

He has contributed his writing skills to a range of Marvel titles, such as Heroes for Hire and Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways; as well as various Spider-Man titles. Teaming up with artist Diogenes Neves on New Mutants third volume Necrosha crossover was written. Furthermore he contributed two Carnage miniseries in Amazing Spider-Man’s thrice-monthly Brand New Day era; wrote two Carnage miniseries as well as creating Eddie Brock and Symbiote storylines in Venom: Dark Origin storylines.

Reaching this stage hasn’t come easily for him; his dedication and focus are what have enabled him to attain this level of success.

Personal Life

Zeb Wells is an American comic book writer, television screenwriter, and co-creator of the stop-motion animated comedy television show SuperMansion. Additionally, he holds both Emmy and Annie Awards from Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken show for his writing on that program.

He has long been associated with Spider-Man, writing some of the early issues of his relaunch and joining the “Brain Trust” writers room that rotated scripting duties during Amazing Spider-Man’s “Brand New Day” period. Additionally, he launched Avenging Spider-Man and two Carnage miniseries.

Wells and Heidi Gardner of Saturday Night Live fame are avid sports fans who follow both Kansas City Chiefs and Royals. Currently living in Los Angeles without children of their own, Wells is also vegetarian with an affinity for muscle cars having once owned one himself (A Ford Mustang GT).

Personal Life

Zeb Wells is an internationally-recognized celebrity and billionaire. He serves as an example for people all around the globe and serves as an inspiration to young generations.

He is an extremely gifted and hard-working author, having taken great effort in reaching success through hard work and diligence. Additionally, his writing has won him several prestigious awards.

He enjoys an immense following and is very active on social media, actively posting about Kansas City Chiefs and Royals baseball games and hunting trips with Saturday Night Live cast member Heidi Gardner whom he married since 2010. They currently reside in Los Angeles together without children but enjoy traveling together and spending quality time together.

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