Zephaniah Marley

Zephaniah Marley, son of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, made his grandparent’s Instagram pages known immediately upon being born.

He is deeply committed to social justice and uses poetry as an effective medium to discuss themes like bigotry, racism, refugees, revolutions and healthy eating.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Zephaniah was born to a Barbadian postman and Jamaican nurse in Handsworth, Birmingham England–which he considers the “Jamaican capital of Europe.” From an early age he longed to become a poet; unfortunately however his dyslexia prevented this ambition and forced him out of school at age 13 due to being unable to read or write properly.

His poetry often explores themes of racism, homelessness, and poverty that draw inspiration from Rastafarian beliefs. He has denounced racism while demanding the end of police brutality as well as written about African-Caribbeans suffering under British colonial system.

His work has garnered widespread acclaim, garnering him several awards and honors throughout his career. When not writing, he enjoys sports and other recreational activities.

Professional Career

Zephaniah Marley has garnered an ever-increasing social media following. They participate in various projects and initiatives, as well as spending time exploring a wide array of interests and pastimes that help refresh and rejuvenate them.

TikTok user and producer of dub poetry videos for his followers. Additionally, he can often be found engaging with fans across other popular platforms.

Rohan Marley, Rohryn Hill’s husband and Rohan’s grandson Bob Marley (reggae legend). Rohan gave birth in February 2017 with Pisces as his zodiac sign; upon their respective social media platforms shortly after his birth his mother and grandfather shared pictures.

Achievement and Honors

He was the first poet ever to win the BBC Young Playwright’s Award and received sixteen honorary doctorates. Zephaniah believed poetry should be relevant and accessible for people without access to books; therefore he transformed poetry readings into concert-like performances.

His poems expose racial inequities. For instance, in his poem Walking Black Home he employs humor to criticize Western nations for propagating civil lies about African rights.

His realistic novels show that teenage boys will read when presented with topics relevant to their lives, which has earned him many young readers. Furthermore, he has written extensively about issues facing homeless individuals.

Personal Life

Benjamin Zephaniah, known as Britain’s People’s Laureate, used his experiences of imprisonment and racism to inspire diverse audiences to engage with his creative works. He wrote novels and plays, was an accomplished actor, dub poet and dub poet himself.

Rohan Marley is a well-known Celebrity Family Member whose birth was widely reported upon in February 2017. Born in the US to parents Lauryn Hill (an R&B singer) and Rohan Marley (an entrepreneur and former college footballer), his birth was widely publicised at that time.

His father and grandfather are well-known reggae artists, while his mother is an award-winning rapper/singer-songwriter. As for family life, he shares one daughter named Azariah Genesis with Tania whom he shares a relationship with.

Net Worth

He is the son of American singer Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley. His mother became well known in the 1990s through R&B group The Fugees; one of their songs even commemorates him.

Selah, his sister, is an established fashion model who has appeared on the cover of Vogue and has become a Gen Z style icon. Selah has walked runway shows for Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy line, Beyonce’s Ivy Park label and Calvin Klein among many other labels.

Zephaniah Nesta and Azariah Genesis, his two children with Tania, can often be seen posted to his Instagram account. He is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Marley Coffee; with an estimated net worth estimated to be around $1.5 Million.

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