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Zillah Jade Amey Net Worth, Salary, House, Cars & Other Details

Zillah Jade Amey’s Net Worth, Salary, House and Car details can be seen below.

Nia Amey is best known as being the daughter of model Nia Amey and has a well-known hip hop artist half sister in Royalty Brown who studied hip hop music at Calabasas High School and now boasts a net worth of $500k.

American fashion beauty Ashley Johnson has had an exciting and productive career path to date.

Early Life and Education

Zillah Jade Amey was born on the 18th July 2001 in Corpus Christi, Texas to Nia Amey and Terry Amey – her mother is both a model and nurse – but they eventually divorced after being married between 2003 and 2014. Royalty Brown from her mother’s side is her half sister while Chris Brown (an acclaimed hip hop singer) is her biological father.

Calabasas High School provided her education. An ambitious family member, she strives to achieve success through hard work and determination.

She prefers to keep her personal life private and does not discuss past or current relationships. Instead, she’s focused on her career through modelling assignments and social media projects, while remaining a supportive friend to both family members and friends alike.

Professional Career

Zillah Jade Amey is an active participant on social media with over 130,000 followers. She has established herself as a fashion beauty, making money through her work.

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas and of French and Hispanic heritage. She is the daughter of Nia Amey and Terry Amey who married in 2003 but were soon to divorce due to an extramarital affair involving Nia that eventually resulted in her becoming pregnant. Royalty Brown on her mother’s side is her half sister – Chris Brown is her biological father.

She remains single, preferring to keep details regarding her relationship status and details confidential. She completed secondary education at Calabasas High School.

Achievement and Honors

Zillah Jade Amey has accomplished remarkable feats in her career despite only recently entering the industry. She quickly garnered a following on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram while engaging in numerous activities and projects which provide new insight and creative inspiration.

She boasts an impressive social media following of over one million on Instagram alone, where she posts videos such as vlogs, challenges and other amusing antics. Additionally, she has collaborated with various well-known brands to promote their products.

At present, she primarily utilizes social media as her medium of choice, however she also studies nursing and is an aspiring model. Her mother Nia Amey became well-known due to dating American singer/actor Chris Brown and giving birth with him.

Personal Life

Zillah Jade Amey is well known among friends and family due to her association with Chris Brown. Born July 18, 2001 in Corpus Christi, Texas USA she is currently studying nursing while also striving to be a model. Royalty Brown, her half sister is her close relation.

As well as her social media presence, she takes part in numerous philanthropic initiatives. She understands the significance of giving back and often provides guidance to upcoming influencers.

Personal: In her relationships, she has experienced ups and downs despite managing to keep them under wraps; currently single.

Net Worth

Zillah Jade Amey has earned significant income as a model and fashion beauty, but her exact net worth remains unknown as she prefers keeping it private. The young girl recently completed secondary school from Calabasas High School while remaining single at present and preferring not to seek media attention.

Zillah Amey is the daughter of Nia Guzman and Terry Amey. She has two half-sisters from her mother’s side – Royalty Brown and Sinatra L.A. Prior to 2014, her mom Nia Guzman dated hip hop artist Chris Brown briefly, until they parted ways. Meanwhile, Zillah enjoys many hobbies that provide restful activities as well as inspirations for work; among these hobbies includes cooking and being an exemplary child.

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